Everyone loves a winner !
Given the best of everything;
daily walks to keep her fit.
Money rides on her care.
Owner's benefits - tremendous !
Disaster strikes !
Filly no longer of use....
she must be put down;
all in a moment's notice ~

A widow in a faraway city
needs constant care.
Will her children rally together;
be devoted as once before ?
Do they come less and less,
feeling she's served her purpose ?
Was it time they move on !

Who cares for the elderly....
who sacrificed all for them ?
How can one measure happiness
when it was so freely given !
Where did this love go ?
Did she lose her usefulness;
became a burden to all ?
Much like the filly who was put down...
is she to suffer that same fate ?
Will children be glad when she's gone !

Her mind is still active;
yet her body lost its abilities.
No longer can she function;
left alone with her thoughts ~
In need of a caring heart;
where did it go .....
Does anyone care ?

By Connie (CSThomas@aol.com)

Connie also created the featured graphic.




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