a mind is like lots of empty rooms
some of bright colors and some dark as gloom
a house that only an owner can design
and when it is finished, can say, "it was mine"

the door to the house, always open
to fresh new ideas, wishin' and hopin'
rooms to decorate with scenic views
of mountains, trees, flowers, and skies of blue

I walk thru the hallways of my mind
peeking into the rooms, hoping to find
a memory that I have put away
to take out and think on another day

colorful rooms that bring back a thought
of maybe some flowers or ribbon I bought
greyer colored memories of mom and dad
some of happier times, some of sad

oh, there's the room I had at age sixteen
the awkward years of "in between"
the next door to it when I was twenty
when life was full, and love was plenty

the walls of my mind are covered with faces
of loved ones I've known, and wonderful places
some portraits faded, some bright and new
but all with a story that never changed or grew

most of the rooms always stay the same
no variation in the theme or the name
except the living room, where the thoughts come in
without a knock on the door, another memory begins

my mind is an ever open gate
to a house with more empty rooms to decorate
with new knick-knacks made every minute
called memories that last infinite

yes, endless rooms are in a mind
where you can enter at any time
to decorate any way you please
with all your lifetime memories

By susi Taylor (Texaswishr@aol.com)




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