Little flower of the field
Your blossom came into view
None other can match your beauty
The sun doth shine on you

Rain has given you strength
Nights have given you rest
In time my beauty
An ugly weed will change your dress

He'll try and sap your will to live
Envy has hastened his growth
Evil charms drip from his leaves
Beware of his undergrowth

Don't be fooled by constant praise
It's to deceive your humble heart
He aims to flatter you
He's good at this kind of art

He will stand beside you
At a time when storms will come
His leaves will soothe your fears
But evil is what he becomes

It'll be a ruse to break your spirit
His intent is to make you blind
You must be strong, not give in
You won't know what's in his mind

Don't listen to his charms
There's another side to him
One of which you've not yet seen
He emits a future that's sure to be grim

By Connie (




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