Main Street U.S.A.

Flags wave from porches on a bright summer day.
Boston ferns hang beautifully on display.

Green manicured lawns stand green against white columned porches that reach tall against the sky.
An artist on the walkway thinks back in history and paints the house as in days gone by.

Quiet street remembers when stars hung in windows along Main Street.
Now, yellow ribbons grace porches as soldiers in Iraq will not sound defeat.

The fourth will come and go as it has for generations with picnics, fireworks and celebrations in back yards across the land,
But we will think of those men and women still fighting on foreign sands.

The fireworks will be displayed at River Front Park,
But the fire of guns will be seen by our uniformed soldiers as they continue their struggle in these times that are dark.

© By Phyllis Ann (

Fourth of July

Dogs and cats will run away
As noisy fireworks go on display
Drunks will cause havoc on our streets
Picnickers will gorge on cholesterol eats

Booze and lake waters don't mix well
Some may sink where the fish do dwell
Children allowed to play with rockets
Cause their Daddy has deep pockets

Drought has dried out this poor land
A fire danger even on the sand
Tis sad we still send young people to fight
War is such a terrible plight

Our economy stinks our country in pain
With gas prices high we drive still, are we insane
Politicians lie while promising to do great
I'll not hold my breath while I wait

This fourth of July will not differ at all
Travelers will somehow manage to call
They'll grumble about gas prices and such
And stay free at our house we are a soft touch

© By Sharon (

The Fourth

Summer is here, it is hot,
let us celebrate our nationís birthday.
fireworks have always been chic,
we won the war for our Independence.

Picnics galore and concerts,
fireworks as the sun goes down,
tired and burned we used to be,
day off work, just enjoy.

If 25% of the people under twenty-five
were polled,
what what answers would we get?
Would they know what the days means?

When the children were small,
camping we went,
not much into the fireworks,
sit around a campfire instead.

Now it is just another day,
one where the smart
stay home,
miss those fools on the road.

Times and thoughts have drastically changed,
new generations know less and less.
But, it is our fault, we old folks,
Patriotism can be inherited.

© By Tom (

Fourth of July

I find it difficult to celebrate a war we won, while we are fighting a war far away.

The one person who we have pinpointed as the reason for this war is still in hiding. You have to wonder how hard are we looking.

I think the fireworks would be brighter if they signaled the end of what is happening on the other side of the world.

But it seems as if there is always another war ..


Fourth of July

Granny is making some watermelon rind preserves,
Oh, how we youngun's love all things she serves.
There's fried chicken and potato salad and fresh shucked green beans,
For the grandest reunion we've ever seen.

Our family is coming from far and abroad,
We're not the conventional kind at all.
There's us chillun, our mom gone, but our lovin' old granny,
Who'll invite black, white and brown, and even Indian Anny.

Every year she does this under a pale blue sky,
To celebrate our country's big 4th of July,
We'll laugh as we get chiggers from the long blades of green grass,
Midst long rows of blooming flowers as high as an ass.

An old hand pump is attached to a keg,
But Granny's as dry as a pirate's wooden leg.
We'll sing God Bless America and The Star Spangled Banner.
What a day it will be - and next year even grander.

Actually, I don't have time to celebrate the 4th, since we're going to be celebrating my daughter's birthday, which is on the 7th, but she's going home the 5th. You see, we juggle dates as we see fit.

Here's a little shot!

I'm glad I was little and could
Grind red devils,
Hold sparklers and wave
With my friends.

Glad Daddy would light skyrockets,
Firecrackers as loud as a bomb
Wave flags, sing patriotic songs,
But that was then.

Fireworks are regimented,
And we live in a fearful world,
Still need to have faith
When our flag is unfurled.

God Bless our Country!

© By Norma (

Fourth of July

My Dad and Grandfather worked on the New York Central Railroad. On the 4th of July, my Dad would put a fusee in the ground and light it. That is the only fireworks I remember growing up. Once my Aunt took me to the local stadium where they had a city fourth of July fireworks show. We sat on a blanket on the ground and watched. I don't remember any other fireworks during the 4th of July or special celebrations. My Dad was a WWII vet, but no 4th of July celebration. I never questioned it for some reason. He is gone now or I would ask him. It could be because when he came home from the war he was what they called "shell shocked" for several years. Maybe the noise bothered him.

Just in case you want to know what a fusee is:

RR fusees used to have spikes in their end. Conductors/flagmen used to be pretty good at tossing off a lighted fusee and getting it to stick upright into a tie.

Most RR fusees are 10 minute burners. That is because 10 minutes was the required separation of following trains in dark territory. Highway flares are often 20 minute burners. On the some railroads there are also 5 minutes fusees used for giving hand signals to the engineer or for flagging crossings.

Most RR fusees are red. They were mostly used by switch-tenders to give trains a highball when they were ready for you.

My Dad and Grandfather carried them in their railroad overalls. There was a special pocket on the side for them. They also carried switch lists, pencils, large chalk, railroad watches, etc. They wore the tall rail-man hats and red and white bandannas around their necks. They were always starched and pressed thanks to my Mother and Grandmother. I don't know how the women kept those clothes looking the way they did, but I know hard work was involved.

Happy 4th of July

© By Phyllis Ann (

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