I went to your wedding the other night
there you were, long white dress, hair in curls
looking like a young bride, happy and smiling
and once again, we were just girls

I was much older than you when we met
but we forged a friendship to always last
that was forty years ago but only yesterday,
who knew so many years as friends would pass?

Both of us with a marriage behind us
and each with a daughter to raise
and the years flew by like turning hands on a clock
and all of a sudden, those were the good old days

Life was good but then at times life was bad
the course of true friendship never runs smooth
we had our quarrels, times when we wouldn't talk
then the phone would ring, and your voice would soothe

I remembered the first day of your eighteenth year
we had a party, just you and I, to celebrate
an angel food cake drizzled in pink icing, do you remember?
turning eighteen was going to be great!

Now, through all the passing years, we remained true
and you've found another best friend in Al
you've found a good life and will have years of love
but I know that we will still be friends, me and my pal

So have a great life, I raise my glass to you
It was a beautiful time, you were a beautiful bride
and among my most favorite memories i'll think
that our friendship has been a wonderful ride!

By susi Taylor (Texaswishr@aol.com)








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