What is Haiku?

Haiku is a very old form of Japanese poetry, written in the format of three lines and consisting of no more than 17 syllables (5-7-5). Japanese haiku usually has a seasonal reference, where the more modern English-Language Haiku, which evolved from the Japanese Haiku doesn't. The English-Language haiku may consist of three lines with fewer syllables and it doesn't require a seasonal reference.

In writing haiku, one is supposed to find the 'awe' of an experience and try to convey it to others. Haiku isn't about rhyming or the use of metaphors. Rather, it's a writer's way of encouraging us to see beyond the obvious.

Open to all ages.
Send your haiku to:
Marilyn (LaraOct7@aol.com)

silenty watching
through the thick branch peeking out
what will he see now


peering through a branch
seeking what I do not know
will the owl succeed

By Amy (Fabulousfilly@aol.com)


By Mikey (Norma1223@aol.com)

Wise owl sits and looks
Mice and voles are his dinner
Big moon helps him out


Night Owl a looking
Swivels his head nearly around
Nocturnal they are


Who who he does ask
Full moon he is enjoying
Owl looks for supper

By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)

shine silvery moon
feathers illuminated
night vision sees all

By Phyllis Ann (Starbird55@comcast.net)

the wise old owl sits
puffed up against the winter's
frosty moonlit night


hoarfrosted branches
silhouettes against the moon
"hoo, hoo's" at winter

By susi (Texaswishr@aol.com)

The head of the owl
Turns hundred eighty degrees
Sees most all at night


Don't be fooled by him
Wits are what keep him alive
Man could learn from him


If man's head could turn
In all directions, a wise
One he would then be

By Connie (CSThomas@aol.com)

Hooting at the moon
Staring with great watchful eyes
What makes the owl wise?

By Doris (Toto38@aol.com)

haze around the moon
creatures stir and watch closely
mysterious night


owl rouses from sleep
other creatures stand and watch
rings around the moon

By Joy (JOY3032@aol.com)

Eerily hoots
ole owl at the moon.
eye declare!

By Mary (MusingByMary@aol.com)

a warm heart beats in
the cold silvered night - later
there is owl talk

By Marilyn (LaraOct7@aol.com)

a wise predator
eyes open and mouth is shut
waiting for his prey


never-failing watch
front and side and roundabout
cognizant of all


could a man but be
as the owl of everything
completely aware

By Bob (C1ydeBunky@aol.com)

The owl calls out "Whoooo?"
I answer; "It's just me here."
"Don't you know my name?"

By Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)

Oh, Mister Owl
Call not my name tonight,
Twist back to the moon.


Hoot Nanny, you're showing off
Coyly, flirty,
In a silvered moon.

By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)

Awake on a limb
frigid night under the moon
and the owl is out.

By Emiliano (Poeta48@aol.com)

Wise you are looking
Smart I do wonder at times
Turn your head observe

By Barbara (Brierhillbarbara@aol.com)



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