One of our poets has passed away. Jeanie (Mingo184) and I exchanged several e-mails so I was aware of her battle with cancer. She submitted haiku and other poems to this web site, and you can read one of her poems (Purses) at this link.


Amy has written a poem of tribute to Jeanie. If anyone else would like to contribute either a poem or a few words, send it to me at (, and I'll add it to the page.

you fought so hard, the big cancer thrice
through it all you were so nice
to other people giving us much
words of wisdom prayers and such

I met you and we huged and talked
you told me to continue my walk
I told you to finish your book
and you gave me that mingo look

we emailed and phoned quite a bit
you told me to never never quit
i told you thanks for all
and told you jeanie to stand tall

this you did, you stood tall
and proud through it all
not once nor twice,
but three times, third time not so nice

jeanie i miss you
knowing this is true
you are up in heaven shaking your head
saying fab don't quit, yes you said

keep on with your poetry
your song writing too
fab she said, words are part of you
use the words wisely and try some that are new

so jeanie these words from my heart
are going out to you, cause you were a part
of my life, and a friend,
and i will see you soon again ..


Amy (




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