7-10, kick back and relax?
Now let me arm you with the morning's facts!
A workday doing data entry,
Sun came up like a morning sentry.

Rushed around - I'm not good at this,
Boot Lady out, give her a kiss,
Feed the birds their daily bread
Settle down to get myself fed.

Shower now - I'm fresh as dew,
Walk my mile and made it two,
Jumped in the car to get on my way,
Turned the key and what do you say?

Not a noise, just a click and a click and a click
Battery was dead, making me sick,
Called in to work, yeah like I get paid,
Called my mechanic, and sat down and stayed.

He brought his truck and traded with me,
Took my car in to charge, whoop de dee,
All's well that ends well, I thought at the time,
Old Steve fixed me up and all was fine.

Only trouble was the budget was broke,
Not the first time this month I had a jolt,
Paid to clean the alley to come up to code,
(The joys of owning your own abode).

And now it's only 7-10,
Plenty of month to break the budget again,
Think I'll curl up, stay out of the cracks.
Kick back and relax? Let me give you the facts!

By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)








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