The challenge was to write a poem around this list of words, using only one word per stanza. You can see how different imaginations work when you read the poems.







Niagara Falls


Etchings on the Wall

She wore silk stockings
And high heeled shoes too
A mini skirt worn much too tight
She didn't have a clue

He was an attractive man
She wore clothes with flair
She noticed him at once
He was so debonair

He invited her to see
His etchings on the wall
She went along with him
She short he tall

She admired his etchings
He admired her legs
Her heart felt like it would burst
In the morning he fixed eggs

He took her to Niagara Falls
For a lovely honey moon
They romanced all the night
And slept until late afternoon

It wasn't long before
A mother she became
Their life became harassed
And he was so too blame

By Sharon (



Good Times

Niagara Falls was grand that year.
The memory is vivid and still very clear.

Even though it was Spring, Mother Nature had other plans.
She brought on the freezing rain, wind and snow just for the bands.

They played out on the contest field with fanfare and flair,
While Old Man Winter put on his own show without a care.

Mother watched from the sidelines in parka and gloves,
And the band played on out of duty, school spirit and love.

The Canadian Spring did its best at showing her heartfelt flowers in beds surrounding the hotel grounds,
But Jack Frost was nipping their petals while making his rounds.

Silk flowers were in the lobby to remind folks that it truly was Spring,
But Mother Nature was having herself a frosty fling.

The etchings on the trophy that the marching band won,
And the concert band honor the following day helped them forget the frost bitten skin and remember the fun.

A Senior Year came and went as they all must do,
But Mother never will forget that trip and the good times with you.

By Phyllis Ann (



An Ideal Couple

An ideal couple,
What a lovely bride and groom,
high school sweethearts
so they wed.

Mom and Pop, so happy,
gave them a honeymoon
to Niagara Falls.

He wanted to go backpacking,
she wanted to go to Hollywood,
but the dictates of mom and dad
were obeyed without a grumble.

She got wet on the boat ride,
caught an awful cold.
He ran to the drug store,
tripped and broke his leg.

When they returned,
she a sniffing, he on crutches,
boy were they royally razzed,
they did not unpack.

Now they live in Arizona,
he sells cars, she waits tables.
Triplets they say will soon arrive,
Both ruing the day they were wed.

By Tom (



My Mom

She had a flair for doing things,
taking the impossible and
making it nice,
art, clothes or a room.

The seat got ripped,
she fixed it with a neat stitch,
stained her party dress,
She took the stain away.

Super woman, yes indeed,
who could solve most all problems.
She was my mom,
and my best friend.

By Tom (



A Mother's Heart

Even baby chicks have just one mother.
As they sit in the nest and go "Peep".
She will feed them as they jostle one another,
And then she will warm them to sleep.

Momma held the baby on her shoulder,
When she'd finished all her milk.
Touched the little curls on her head,
And her cheek as soft as silk.

All the etchings in the world around,
And all the other art,
Can never show the love that's abound
In a mother's heart.

You watched your mother smile that day,
And it made your fright just melt.
"You're a graduate!" you heard her say.
And her hug was truly heartfelt.

Mom dressed with a certain flair.
No others did you see.
Your mom had purple hair!
She was totally carefree!

To Niagara Falls for a honeymoon,
Your Mom and Dad did go.
And then you showed up too soon!
Those who counted sure did know.

By Swampetta (



Silk Etchings

Quietly she needled
Through squares of silk
Wanting to leave her

He'd shown her his etchings
Of sweet little scenes,
With his schemes, set her heart

He loved her beauteous flair,
And her hair near black,
Luminous and silky,

So with a heartfelt proposal
At her disposal placed himself with a ring,
On bended knees,

"Yes" she said - my mother,
"To no other will I be true.
I give my life forever
To you."

Tradition said Niagara Falls,
They went there not at all,
Only across the county roamed,
Found home.

Hard for their child to think that way,
Parents young, fearless, at play
They were then, dear father,
Dear mother.

Silk etchings yellowed
Hang on the wall
Good times, bad times,
Remember all.

By Norma (








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