He left home when he was thirteen
Leaving behind a sister of eleven, and
A Mother who didn't care
He's now fifty six
He looks at the pearls through the window
A reminder of what his Mother wore
Some man had given them to her
Many men gave her things ~

Food was scarce at their house
Peanut butter for him and his sister
Men who came, got special steaks
Wine for the two of them
All bought with the money they paid her
He remembers laughter coming from her room
Smeared lipstick covering her face
The smell of wine from her lips
Whisker burns on her chin ~

In the years since he's been gone
His Mother not once looked for him
Wondering many times ---- why
His sister found him after all these years
' Mother is very, very ill
Come see her before it's too late
She won't last the night' ~

Thoughts run through his mind
Reliving his youth and unhappy times
All the times his Mother never cared ......
Now, viewing the pearls in the window
Are all he wants to revisit of his past
He walks on home to his wife
Asks what should he do
' You must go -- it's the right thing to do !'

" She'll be gone before I arrive
She won't know I'm even there...
It won't make any difference now !" ~

By Connie (CSThomas@aol.com)

Connie also created the featured image.




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