The porch was long, in the shade,
big old maples around the place.
House was next to the general store,
lots of neighbors would drop in.

Horse and buggys, cars and trucks,
even a motorcyle.
Hot summer days in the afternoon,
she held court on the front porch.

Always talking politics, Senators and
Representatives would drop by.
Served lemonade or a glass of iced tea,
children were relegated to the back yard.

Ice man came twice a week,
Jewel-T man once a month.
All would stop and sit a spell,
discuss school and their childrens' grades.

Church business was more complex,
only talked about we Presbyterians,
sort of ignored the others,
no work was done, only talk.

People from up Goose Creek,
Porter’s and Tailor’s mountain,
all came to the store on Saturdays
all with a list to be filled.

Me, I listened, a lot not understood,
remembering to say, “Yes and no Ma'am.”
Cool breeze on the porch,
heck we even had indoor plumbing.

The store is gone, so have the people,
the old house is still there.
Maples died and have grown back,
lots went transpired on our front porch.

© By Tom (






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