It was a warm and steamy day,
Great for castin’ a can of bait.
I'll pick up Tom along the way –
Never known him to hesitate.

Oh, my gosh, will you look at that,
Poor old Tom's been put to work.
Paintin’ a fence is what he's at -
As though he wasn’t born to shirk.

"Hey, Tom!" I let loose with a yell.
He turns to me and gives a grin,
As I run up to him and tell
About the anglin’ mood I'm in.

"Come on, Tom, the fish are bitin’
Down off of old man Phinney's pier -
You hardly drop your dang line in
And giant catfish will appear."

"Sorry, Huck, but today I'm stuck
Whitewashin’ this here goldurn thing.
I surely do wish I could duck
Out and give some fishin’ a fling."

"Gosh, Tom, it just doesn't seem fair
You have to work on Saturday,
While Sidney sits in that there chair
Puttin’ watermelon away."

Tom looked up to see his cousin
Sittin’ right comfy in the shade.
Round his melon bees were buzzin’ -
That spoiled kid really had it made.

"Yeah, Huck, I’ll say it sure ain’t right,
But he’s Aunt Polly’s little pet.
Every time we have a fight
I’m to blame and punished I get.

"That sneaky Sid is a real pest,
And he sure has somethin’ comin’.
I know Aunt Polly likes him best,
But I wish he’d get a drummin’."

"Hmm, Tom, you see I’m of a mind
To think there’s other ways to fish.
I’m figurin’ it’d be kind
Of neat if we fulfilled your wish."

I now had Tom’s full attention,
As I flung back my bamboo pole.
Puzzlin’ over my intention,
His eyes gave a questionin’ roll.

Then, as my weighted rig flew past,
Tom saw my aim and clapped his hands,
For this was a mighty fine cast.
Said Tom, "Know where I hope it lands."

True aim, as the weighted line sped,
Flying along, straight as could be,
Into the hive over Sid’s head -
Such a dance we never did see!

Sid ran in the house, bees behind,
While we picked up brushes to paint.
Sid tugged Aunt Polly out to find
Us workin’. She had no complaint.

© By Richard McCusker (





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