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Shared Moments

By Marilyn (

I titled this page "Shared Moments" because I believe the young man has just said something to his wife. Or, has she said something to him which caused him to turn back? Did she remind him of a dental appointment? Maybe he's about to leave for work and she wants him to stop at the grocers on the way home that evening.

What's going on here? What about these shared moments? Use your imagination and tell us in a poem or a story. We look forward to your entry.


Shared Moments

By Swampetta (

"Dearie? You got something red on your collar.
Looks like it might be blood."
"Bobby Sue I'll bet a dollar,
It's most likely mud."

"Did you cut yourself when shaving?
Do you think that's what it could be?"
"Maybe it's paint off the back paving.
I shave very carefully."

"Now that I really look at it,
Could be lipstick, like my sister wears..."
"That couldn't be, not a bit!
The same with the bleach blonde hairs."

"Bobby Sue? You got a suspicious mind.
With all you think you see."
Besides, your sister's ugly
And doesn't appeal to me."

"Oh Sweetie! I apologize to you my dear.
I see now it's not your shirt.
Looks like what I have here,
Belongs to your brother Burt!"


Shared Moments

By Amy (

oh to be on a porch swing
with the one you love
he presents the ring
while viewing the stars above

only three steps up to the swing
ten years later a new ring
added to it three new stones
for the three children that have been born

ten years later woe is me
the kids are gone
and we are free
to swing all night long

no interuptions
nothing to do
see the constellations
hear a cow moo

we kiss on that swing
maybe for the last time
watch a bird on a wing
feeling just fine

maybe in heaven in the afterlife
we will meet once again
without any strife
dear loved one, these are the words i have penned.


Shared Moments

By Bob (

"Dear, you know I asked you to put a new 7 on our address on the front porch. People will not be able to find us unless it's fixed! And why are you taking out the garbage in a sheet??

"This is a sheet? Oh, my gosh. Honey, I told you, I'll take care of it Saturday. First I have to go down to the hardware store and buy the number to replace it. I do have a saw, and I could cut out a pattern, but I would rather have a 7 that matches the other numbers on the pole."

"Yes, Fred! It is a sheet! I know you grab anything to put the garbage in --- and now look! I'll have to wash the sheet again. I do wish you would be more careful!"

"What did you say, honey? You know I can't hear you with that organ playing that weird tune! Why on earth did we ever buy that record, anyway? And I wanted to ask you, what if they don't have the number 7 in the style of our other numbers?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, if they don't have the number 7 in the style of our other numbers, I could cut one out, I think, and match it pretty well, OR I could buy the full set of three numbers so that they would match. Maybe some new numbers would be nice --- what do you think?"

"Fred, you know we can't afford luxuries like that, with the new baby coming!"

"Honey, will you turn that record down, or OFF! I can't hear a word you are saying!" Why don't you get rid of that darn thing, anyway?"

"Fred!! You know that my friend Susan gave it to me as a gift! I can't do that!"

"Well, do we have to have it playing all the darned time?"

"Fred! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, Fred!"

"Oh, Honey, don't cry! I didn't mean it! It's just that we have had it playing for over and hour now - maybe we could play "Flight of the Bumblebee" or one of those Cakewalk songs? - or a Sousa march?"

"Well! You just wait until you want to hear the Green Hornet on the radio! I'll make sure to have some alternative for you to listen to, if you can't stand my record!"

"Honey, I'm sorry! I'll go right down to the hardware store and see about those numbers."


"Yes, dear?"

"The sheet."

"Ulp - oh yes - uh - the sheet! I really thought it was - I mean, I really made a BIG mistake, honey! I just was not seeing what I was doing! I hope you will forgive me!" --- Oh, and by the way, I saw an ad today at Johnson's Drug Store for the new full pound box of Whitman Samplers - and I want to pick one up --- that is, if it's ok with you."

"Fred --- just go?"

"Yes, dear."


First Anniversary Surprise

By Phyllis Ann (

“Beth Ann, I’ll be back at 6:00 to take you out for dinner.
This 1st Anniversary is going to be done in style, and it will be a winner.”

“I have a surprise for you, that you’ll never forget.
So, put on your Sunday dress, and be ready for an evening that you won’t regret.”

“Charles, I will be waiting, and I know it will be grand.
You are the best husband in all the land.”

Six o’clock and Beth Ann heard their buggy as it came to a stop in front of the house.
She was so excited to see her Charles, her best friend and spouse.

He stepped down from the buggy carrying a large box wrapped in brown paper, but it had a big, red grosgrain ribbon on the top.
She ran out onto the porch, and came to a stop.

Charles sat the box at her feet, but asked her not to open it just yet.
He had something else in the buggy he had to get.

He went back to the buggy to retrieve a large wicker basket covered in a blue check cloth that smelled of something, delicious, something bought.
He didn't want her to cook dinner, a nice and generous thought.

He carried the box and she the basket out to the gazebo, where he spread out a feast.
The box could wait until after dinner; everything was still warm and the bread had that wonderful smell of yeast.

All through dinner, Beth Ann kept her eye on the box out by the big tree.
She was wondering, just what it could be.

Mrs. Jamison, lived on the farm down the way.
She had cooked their wonderful dinner for their special day.

Soon the dinner was over, topped off with fresh baked apple pie.
Beth looked longingly at the box, and let out a sigh.

Charles took her by the hand and led her out to the tree where they had carved their initials on the day of their engagement a couple of years back.
That’s when she heard from the box, a tiny “quack”.

There in the box were four cute little ducks all yellow and soft for which he knew she was quite fond,
And she couldn’t wait to take them over to their pond.

She had spied them at the Jamison farm just the other day,
And Charles knew she would love them more than any bouquet.

So, hand in hand they sat down by the pond to watch the little ducks swim on the pond until the sky turned red with a brilliant sunset.
Then, they headed to the house to remember a day that they never wanted to forget.


Shared Moments

By Brier (

Remember that moment when we both knew?
We both looked and smiled and almost smirked.
We were a couple in love.
Deep deeply in love, so deep we were one.
Of one mind and feeling and loving.
We would marry and raise our children as one family.
We would spend our life together.
Through the tough years and the good years we would love.
I recalled that day in Maryland many times.
When you kissed me with passion but mixed with lasting love.
We were the family we wanted all eight of us.
Now you have gone ahead to wait for me.
Now we have five grand children too.
Their pictures are on the fridge, along with yours.
They know who you are, my love
We are that loving couple.


Shared Moments

By Tom (

A brief moment
a quick passing,
two people in love
adoring one another

No time to touch,
be intimate
just a glance for a moment
a tacit I love you

A sweet smile,
that special look
exchanged as they passed,
admiring each other

He to work, she to the laundry
the message sent
from one to the other
in one passing glance

Two people in love
sharing a moment
a silent look that says
I love you



By Mary (

What a nice house he's provided,
sparkling white frame with a porch;
just as he promised when we were engaged
and he was carrying that torch:-)

Uuummm, he is so handsome and giving,
a husband who ranks high above;
who puts me first in every way
his heart filled with so much love.

Offering to help with the laundry,
now how many husbands do that;
and how many help with other chores
like taking care of the cat?

WHAT A WOMAN, so precious,
God blessed me to have won her heart;
so beautiful of face and spirit,
trying always to do more than her part.

Perhaps I'll take her to supper,
she's slaved over washing all day;
huummm, will it be steak broiled
medium~rare? She so likes it that way.

That look on her face says "contentment",
she seems to think only of me;
so giving, caring and sensible,
Shall we have coffee or tea?

I'll offer to help fold the laundry,
tell her to relax in the tub;
She'll put on that fragrant scent
she wears, I'll give her back a rub.

Gee, I'm the luckiest fella
to have such a wonderful wife;
we'll toast our love during supper
pray we'll share this love for life!

Mary Carter Mizrany©
May 13, 2008


The Devious Bride

By Norma (

You will look smashing
In your gown of cream
My shirt of silk?
A wedding’s dream.

Now I must leave you,
Find Tucker, the tailor.
(How odd it will be
How I hope I won’t fail her.)

A bit of churlishness
Hides on her face.
He’d love me in roses,
In a garden of lace.

I’ll be under the arbor
At 8 o’clock sharp.
Oh, my angel only
Lacks a gold harp.

He’d closed his eyes
To the oncoming rain.
Gave her her wishes,
For herself to gain.

His own common sense
He’d gladly surrendered
Tho she’d set the date
In middle November.

She blamed him for winter’s storm,
The ruination of her gown,
That churlishness spread stories
All over the small west town.

She ran off with Chester, the banker.
(I languished lonely in the house on the hill.)
Oh, that I'd seen that secret expression,
I wouldn’t be paying these darn wedding bills.


Give Her Your All

By Connie (

Met you in a down period of my life
A day I will never forget
You, blonde and strong
Me, that chatty brunette

Things went great for a while
You didn't want to leave your past
I tried to keep your attention
Our once blue sky became overcast

This is where we are now
I have gone on to other places
Seeing another to fill my dreams
Yet, in him, I still see your face

I am now with child
Something you withheld from me
Never at home for our love to flourish
You had become an absentee

At night I wanted you to hold me
You turned your back and didn't care
I cried for your love
Becoming more than I could bear

This should be your wake up call
Never do another as I was done
Love her and give her your all
Shower her with your attention !




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