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Among My Souvenirs

By Marilyn (

Are you in the habit of buying souvenirs when you travel, or when you visit a new and different place? I do if I see something unusual, and sometimes I bring things home that haven't cost me a dime. Like rocks. I have a small collection of rocks that I've picked up from different locations. I have a pink granite rock from Maine, some red rocks from PA, and once I had a large lump of coal I got at a coal mine site in eastern Ohio.

I also collect small pins for my hat. At present, my hat is decorated with a lobster, a lighthouse, a crab, a replica of the CAT, which ferries people to Nova Scotia, and also a pin I bought in Nova Scotia.

What are some of the souvenirs you've collected over the years? How about telling us in a poem or with a few lines of musing? We look forward to your entry.


My Souvenirs

By Doris (

My collection of rocks, some from Europe, one from the old Berlin Wall after it came down, got out of hand so I began saving magnets. It got so I had to take a large sheet of metal, put a frame around it, and that now houses my magnet collection...standing up in my computer room. SO many places we've been to, as well as our children and grandchildren, and we get a magnet from each one. Post cards are another collection, but my favorite collection is of The Wizard of Oz memorabelia! Since my name is Dorothy I've always been teased about not "being in Kansas" and now I can almost feel as though I've been there. My friend susi (Texaswishr) started me on the collection when I visited her and we went to Frankenmuth, MI. She bought me my very first piece of Oz collectibles. It was a pewter Toto in a basket. That now includes a 15 in Dorothy Doll, a few more pewter pieces, china statues and a complete set of the main characters...even a few of the munchkins...created by the Bradford Collectible Company. I've slowed down my collecting lately as the dusting has gotten to be more a bother, but I do so love to look at them and watch the movie with my grandkids...who enjoy their nana's collections, too. :)

Toto38 (Dorothy)


Among My Souvenirs

By susi Taylor (

Souvenirs, what wonderful little dustcatchers. Memories you can look at, touch, hold, some tiny, some large, all precious. I have such an eclectic collection here. One friend sends me unique little Cardinals just because my dear sister, Dorothy, loved them and said that in her next life she would be a Cardinal. So, my friend, Doris, sends me one each year and each year my sister comes back to me. Then, there are a few rocks I picked up at the McNabb Ranch near Neosho, Missouri. They have fossils in them of leaves, fish and other tiny creatures of some very long ago era. I also have three rocks that I picked up on the beach while visiting my friend, Doris out on Long Island, and, I have written the place and date on them.

I have a beautiful golden filigree dragonfly and a lovely crystal water lily from my friend, Vivian, and other dragonflies from other nice people. I publish a newsletter called "SUSI'S DRAGONFLY" so I collect dragonflies also. I have a small collection of paperweights with tiny fish inside of them, and quite a few decorative fish line the top of my shower along with a mobile of fish.

On my Christmas tree each year is a collection of the little red wire ornaments put out a long time ago by Avon. There is also an old Christmas ball, flat green with a pink stripe around it. It is the same age as me I think. At least, I remember it being on the tree each year all of my life. It still has the old cardboard top and hook it has always been hung up by.

But, most dear to my heart and the most beautiful collection I have is the one that holds the place of honor in my china cabinet, Gabriel's Angels. From the time that my grandson, Gabriel, was born, I have collected angels. But not just any angel. These must be a male angel, holding a trumpet. After all, Gabriel was the messenger angel in the Bible who gave the news to everyone that Jesus was born and blew his trumpet to announce it to all. Thus, my angels are all of him. I have one hand- carved in Kenya, another from Guatemala, some that I made myself from ceramic, and others that I have picked up here and there. There is a new addition each year of his life and this year he will be fifteen. This collection will one day be his. I hope he will treasure it as much as I do.

Collections are great, there is usually a story about all of them, but souvenirs are the best, because not only is there a story behind it, there is always a precious memory. Who knows what will eventually happen to these? I sure don't know. They are just my memories and no one else would have them. They would just be things to either keep for sentimental reasons, because they were "Mom's", or things to be given away. Our collections and souvenirs are just that, ours. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine.

susi taylor(


Among My Souvenirs

By Swampetta (

After many years of wandering...
I find my self pondering.
Why did I pick up things?
Sea shells, rocks and big brass rings.

I'm sure a meaning is still there.
I saved these things with some care.
In a drawer, wrapped in tissue,
But I don't remember and that's an issue!


Among My Souvenirs

By Amy (

well as i travel oer these states so great
keychains were my one mistake
yes i bought them left and right
even bought one in the shape of a kite

threw away a full box of them
quite a few years ago
even gave one to a friend
she liked butterflies dont ya know

so on and on oer the years did my collection grow
oh my glory me even found one like a bubble to blow
hundreds of keychains yessirre
they make me smile as i sip my tea

i like the one of the flamingo
it dances to and fro
and the one of the shot glass
think i bought that in manassas

the little sandal was a gift to me
she went to south america dont you see
she came back home and gave me that gift
now on sad days it gives me a lift

i also got a funny one
one of a cloud one of the sun
got this round one i'm laughing now
it's called a roundtuit and goes like this

manys the time you've said
i'll do it as soon as
i get around to it
now's your chance
now you can do it
now at last you've got a






Among My Souvenirs

By Sharon (

In San Diego I collected my man
On the beaches we both grabbed a tan

In Colorado we collected three kids
Raising our brood put our budget on skids

Traveling through Utah one day
Collected a flat for a new tire to pay

In Ohio I collected a great bit of fear
Tornado nearby brought to my eye a tear

In Minnesota I collected a bad knee
Fell on the ice and it sure damaged me

In Oregon on a visit one time
Bought a silly goose bank for one little dime

In Washington I collected allergies
The dampness there was not my cup of tea

In Canada I collected remembrance
A wonderful trip kept me from being tense

In Mexico I collected a jumping bean
Gave it to a little girl who wasn't yet a teen

On Catalina Island some walking shoes
Both the sky and the waters had marvelous blues

In Yosemite our car collected bad brakes
Coming down that mountain was all it takes

Here in Arizona I collect lots of sun
The warmth improves all of my life's fun

Through all of my life have collected more age
Hoping the wrinkles make me look ever so sage


Among My Souvenirs
My Memory Box

By Phyllis Ann (

I have a memory box for things I want to keep.
I call them treasures, others may think they belong on the rubbish heap.

I have mementos of bygone days.
Things only I would cherish; and that I have kept them so long to others would amaze.

I have all my school report cards from kindergarten through grade twelve.
They are there for posterity, in case any should want to delve.

There is a cassette tape of my Aunt's bird talking up a storm.
He for the tape recorder was anxious to perform.

I have souvenir post cards from Hawaii during my stay forty-eight years ago.
I just couldn't get rid of them, too many memories, don't you know?

There are some handkerchiefs sent to me in the 1950's from my friend overseas.
Just looking at them makes me smile, so I'll continue to keep them, if you please.

Old photographs of family and friends are tucked in some zip lock bags.
Names are written on them, ďin case you don't remember tags".

Too many items to mention one by one,
But they are my souvenirs of don't make fun

Starbird55, Phyllis Ann


Among My Souvenirs

By Bob (

Among my souvenirs I count
the sounds that touched my ears -
My mother sang this very song
"Among My Souvenirs'

The melody is ever fresh,
The words remaining new -
Their meaning clear as any bell
These things still bring back "you".

I hear the engine's whistle still
Approaching the town nigh
And hear and feel its awesome steam -
that monster passing by.

Phone numbers of the men I called
Are still within my brain
The ones I told what time to come
And run that noble train.

Before "The Iceman Cometh",
In the middle of the night
I heard them drop the chunks of ice
to keep the produce right.

The orders of the officers
All whom I tried to please
The thrill of hearing my name called-
"Return from overseas!"

The sound of many hands' applause
When curtain call comes round -
Uncounted are the many of
My souvenirs of sound!


Pink Flamingoes

By RickMack (

In Florida, itís a standing joke.
Thereís no class in flamingo displays.
Yet, at flea markets, around I poke,
Looking for some from the olden days.

The plastic ones were really sought for,
During the past fifty years, or so;
But more recently, folks asked, "What for?"
And people, shaking heads, didnít know.

Guess they got a good look at themselves,
And saw how tacky the pink birds were.
Now theyíre stashed away on garage shelves,
While birdbaths and trolls people prefer.

But I say, "Tacky!" Who gives a damn?
Nobody dictates fashion to me.
Itís fiercely independent I am,
And in my yard youíll find ninety-three.

Thatís right! Ninety-three pink flamingoes,
Like sentries, surround my property;
And Iím still searching for more, Lord knows,
Who can explain collectors? Not me!

Itís just a passion Iíve acquired
Over the past fifty, sixty years.
For some reason, I get all fired
Up, when one at a yard sale appears.

And no seller ever asks for much,
Actually, surprised I want it.
Yet, Iím so drawn to that plastic touch,
That I yearn to own it and flaunt it.

Tourists, of course, scoff as they drive by -
My collection has gained some renown.
Local merchants wave and wink an eye,
Aware of the dough I bring to town.

©Richard McCusker


Among My Own Souvenirs

By Norma (

A doll in a plastic case,
I imagine your smiling face,
As you picked this souvenir for me,
On your trip along the coast of sea.

A Natchez house calls to mind,
A trip with a friend through plantations fine.
Iíd give so much to see her again,
And laugh and remember with my old friend.

Some Indian beads left behind by Comanches,
An arrow head, assortments from dude ranches,
From a turbulent time tells a treasure of peace.
Pulling together, regrouping, release.

On the piano there is a miniature town,
Tiny birds and a cat weaving all around
A house of pecans, a church from Mexico,
Little things from others where they or I would go.

No one knows what each memory imparts,
A souvenir blooms its own blossom held in our hearts,
These are the petals that drifted into our world,
Gathered evidence from our lives unfurled.


Among My Souvenirs

By Tom (

Among my souvenirs are a lot of odd things,
are they odd or is it me?
garter from a high school dance,
Champagne cork from my last promotion.

Boxes of trivial junk,
what a fount of nostalgia.
My hash mark as a Marine,
old oak leaves as a Major.

Pair of crutches from a shattered tibia
busted throttle from a humonguous crash.
Program when my sister graduated from college,
snapshot on a hill, in Korea.

Why do all of this stuff I keep?
you should see the shelves in
the barn and shed,
even my first shirt with Staff NCO chevrons.

Boxes of bolts and screws so many,
great big box of vacuum tubes.
old test equipment,
even an old Dumont Oscilloscope.

Junkman, collector, that I am,
each has sentimental value.
I laugh and giggle too,
what will my sons think when they sort through it?


Among My Souvenirs

By Mary Mizrany (

Among My Souvenirs was a song popular WWII. It first came out in "Best Years of Our Lives in 1946. Later it was recorded by Connie Francis and charted number one for weeks/months. It was my daddy's favorite:-)

"Among My Souvenirs"
music by Edgar Leslie, lyrics by Horatio Nicholls

There's nothing left for me
Of days that used to be
They're just a memory
Among my souvenirs

Some letters tied in blue
A photograph or two
I see a rose from you
Among my souvenirs

A few more tokens rest
Within my treasure chest
And, though they do their best
To give me consolation,

I count them all apart
And, as the teardrops start,
I find a broken heart
Among my souvenirs

I count them all apart
And, as the teardrops start,
I find a broken heart
Among my souvenirs.

Among my souvenirs are collections of bells, pigs, angels and others that I cherish. I have bells of every sort of material from brass, to fine china and crystal.

Since I've collected them for years I have many. I have the bell my grandmother used to ring to call us to supper. I have the tiniest bell made of ceramic. Christmas bells, bells that tinkle to loud "cow" bells.

I began collecting pigs, also, many years ago, as I just love pigs. My grandparents lived on a farm when I was growing up. After my daddy joined the Marines December 8, 1941, brother and I were sent to live with our mother's parents on that farm. Among things they grew were OIC hogs. When the sow had litters my grandpa would allow me to hold the tiny piglets with which I was totally fascinated. I named each one of them and would go to the sty every day to talk to them. Every now and again grandpa would hold the sow off while I picked up and nestled them in my arms, talking soothingly to them and singing. Oh, what cherished memories:-)

Now, my husband and I have a potbellied pigbabe named Bubby. He was three years old April 1st. My huggiebear never dreamed he would have a pig living with us and couldn't even imagine it. However, the minute he saw him and took him out of my arms it was love at first sight:-)

My pig collection is humongous. As with the bells, I have a wide variety of materials in my collection from wood, brass, ceramic, crystal, you name it ~ I've got it. Many have been given me by different relatives and friends.

I don't have quite as large angel collection as bells and pigs. But, still sizeable. My home~based business, Musing by Mary, has Psalm 91:11 as its logo. For he shall give his angels charge over thee; to keep thee in all thy ways. From cherubim to seraphim, my collection of angels is a treasure to my heart.

Thank you, sweet angelsister, Marilyn, for having Among My Souvenirs as your theme of Write To A Picture. What a wonderful heart~toucher for our memories.

With love and hugs,


Among My Souvenirs

By Barbara (

Among my souvenirs
Post cards, maps, bears, angels,
Free bees of great places I have visited.
snow balls,hurricane lamps, old stuff.

Oh I love old crocheted hankies and doilies.
Kitchen towels too, souvenirs all.
The books I have saved.
Especially the local cook books.

Mostly the pictures new and old.
Bring back memories of good times.
T shirts for the grands too,
Flowers pressed in old books and four leaf clovers.

Magnets cover the fridge, lighthouses and
Things the grands thought it needed.
Pictures of my loved one are there too.
Special holiday magnets given to me by old friends.

The best of the souvenirs are in my heart and soul.
The memories of great times and the trinkets
To help us remember.
Perhaps you are there among my souvenirs.




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Stairs All Over

Haiku: Owl


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