Am I in the Autumn of my years?
Is Winter approaching?
Will I go out with the New Year?
Somehow...I doubt it.
It has taken me about 60 years to start
What I truly longed to do.
The intervening time was managing to survive.
Raising children to be adults took a long time.
Sometimes I'm not sure I did it well.
It took a long stretch to realize that I was not...
One of my own children.
I was raising myself as well as them.
Now I willingly go to school.
Not something that wanted to do when I should have.
I realize that learning something you want
Is painless, even joyous.
And every new thing that I learn
Gets passed on.
Grandsons now are old enough to realize
I, Granma, was not perfect.
They ask questions and I give answers.
Although not pretty ones,
They are truthful.
If this is the Autumn of my years....
I'm going to paint the leaves in all their colors!
And then I may ask the Grandsons to rake them
Into a big pile.
And I WILL jump into it!

By Swampetta (





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