The moon was shining when I awoke
Yet the sun was arising in East sky
Laying asleep atop the brick wall
Our neighbors cat opened one eye

She knew what was coming I am mean
I shooed her to head back to her home
Sitting on porch I watched the lake flow
And children walking to school from home

Cute grey bunnies were playing some tag
Birds were twittering in the orange tree
A neighbor stopped to gab for a bit
We talked and sipped on some cold ice tea

Freddy Falcon and his little mate
Called from electric company line
I took from the frig a bit of meat
And tossed it high so that they could dine

Roadrunner came begging for food too
What a comical bird that he be
He enjoyed the snack I provided
I went back to sipping on my ice tea

By Sharon (






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