It seems to me that this Presidential Campaign is lacking the dignity of past campaigns. None of the candidates have real platforms. The Democrats just seem to toss mud at the Republicans: the Republicans toss mud right back. But nobody really tells what they stand for, or what changes they will bring to the Presidency that will improve our country. Each time a speech is given, it is just parroting what that particular audience wants to hear. McCain supporters like to make the citizens think Obama might have ties to Muslims. Obama supporters like to let people know that McCain has riches.

I don't care what Obama's family ties are, as long as our country is improved. Let's face it, nobody gets through life without some family members they would prefer not to be related to. I know for a fact that my family members and I have differences of opinion and do things differently from each other.

I don't care that McCain has money and I don't. Many people in their senior years have more than one house and money in the bank. It is to be assumed that once Obama ages in politics, his bank account will improve also. For one thing, if he becomes president, the tax payers will be supporting he and his family many years, since he is so young.

What do either of these candidates plan to do to improve our country and put it back to good standings? For them to do most of their campaigning, slamming each other's reputation, seems quite childish to me, and not productive to improving life in America.

Come on candidates. Stop throwing mud and explain what your policies truly are for running our country. What will you do as president to improve our way of living? What will you do to reduce our dependency on foreign oil? What will you do to reduce the National Debt? What will you do to halt the violence in our schools, so our young people can learn without fear? Stop the mudslinging. Start showing dignity in this campaign.

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