Life keeps changing all around me
At times I feel I went to sleep and it happened over night.
At school they are undermining what we taught the kids before they
went to school.

Grandma, teacher said not to say "mam"
She says that's from the old south
and we should use her words and phrases
not yours.

Well, I didn't feel too dumb but I got riled
Sir and mam, and please and thank you
Have been a part of our daily language
ever since I can remember.

Blessings and prayers too.
We didn't talk much about God,
But for sure He was there with us.
We would never had made it without Him.

Oh, and Grandpa's victory garden,
Grandma's sewing and canning,
Her quilts were on every bed in the house.
There were no cuss words used either.

Dad said cussing was a sign of ignorant people.
And Dad was the final say for me.
I felt sure Dad had God's ear.
I was safe in the knowledge and wisdom they had.

By Barbara (







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