The deep green of the leaves
are beginning to turn
to yellows, oranges,
an occasional red.

Grasshoppers flying around,
days grow short, nights grow cool,
oh we do sleep well,
heat of summer fades away.

Apple tree boughs touching the ground,
loaded with near ripe red fruit.
Pumpkins grow larger each day,
orange is becoming their predominant color.

Soon we will get frost,
mountains already had their first snow.
Days are warm, feel so good,
High School football, every Friday night.

Big old walnut tree loaded down,
soon it will be dropping its fruit.
Nip of hard cider soon to come,
fall is a wondrous time of the year.

How many more falls will we see,
will our maker come calling for me or thee?
Enjoy every minute, laugh and smile,
fall is a great time of the year.

By Tom (





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