It was raining, as a matter of fact quite hard as I plopped down in my chair at the computer. I looked out the east window and laughed, for sitting in the feed-box was Mister Squirrel having a peanut lunch. I know the rain was coming down on him because that tree limb and leaves could not provide much cover. He just seemed oblivious to the world as he would meticulously select one of the eight or ten peanuts in the box. He would get it out of the box and sit on the wall and begin to eat it. He ate one, then before long it was five or six, and then I knew he was out because he would begin to nose around in the box.

I had forgotten what I sat down for since I was completely engrossed in Mister Squirrel’s afternoon snack. Finally he moved out of the feed box, sat up and turned toward me, like he knew I was observing him. About then a big crack of thunder made him scamper away; however in a couple minutes I saw him in the tree outside my north window, moving about and looking inside.

When the rain stopped I put another hand full of peanuts in the feed-box and went back to the shed to do some welding. An hour or so later, as I came back into the house, the peanuts were gone and all of the shells were on the top of the wall. I got a big kick out of it because I see him once or twice in the spring and summer, and maybe once during the winter. I wonder if it is the same one that has been visiting my bird feeder for the last four or six years? Or is it an off-spring who was told about the salted-in-the-shell peanuts the old man puts out each day.

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