The large green field is sparkling in the sun
Each blade of grass like a velvet carpet
Three horses and one donkey stand near the fence
And nod to me as my car passes by.

They stand like statues, hardly moving
But their eyes are alert and inquisitive
"Will she stop and give us a treat?" they wonder
I'd better not, the owner might not approve.

The donkey in particular stands out sharply
She's golden-colored with huge brown eyes
Her long lashes blink at me as I go past
Someday I'll stop and pet her sweet face.

I love that field around the bend
And sometimes one can see delights
As a horse or donkey lies on the ground
With legs in the air, rolling on the grass.

Delightful creatures enjoying the summer sun
Nibbling on hay, not a care in the world
Sometimes I wish I could be a horse
Or maybe a golden donkey.

By Frannie (





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