My Joanna has gone away,
will I ever see her again,
am I damned to live alone,
has she left my life?

The old piano sets in the window,
we would sit there and play.
As children we did play,
our love did grow and germinate.

She was not sun-tanned and robust,
had a cough she could not kick.
We sat in the sun,
she and I knowing we were one.

One day I came to call,
she was not there at all.
I walked over to the old piano,
I found her departing note.

A red rose bud on the hymnal,
opened to our special one.
A tear from my eye fell,
I sat and looked at it.

My love, my Joanna was gone,
was she sitting, looking down at me?
Should I play that song again,
should I just remember?
I left it as she had placed it.

Now I am old and gray,
shadows of my life are long,
soon I know, and yes I feel,
I will take that rose bud to my Joanna.

By Tom (




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