Do you believe in angels .. i see them everyday
and try to listen carefully.. to everything they say
you don't have to look for angels .. they are everywhere you turn
but to recognize an angel .. is something you must learn

A nurse is an angel of health .. that helps you when your ill
a teacher is an angel of learning..learn from them what you will
Each day when you walk down your path..and reach your setting sun
a hundred angels will have touched your life.. before the day is done

an angel can be short or tall .. and even black or white
for an angel can be anyone.. that shows you wrong from right
an angel doesn't have to touch your hand .. that you might feel their love
for angels warm the heart of man .. and are blessed by God above

angels need not be perfect everything they do
they are there to be a guiding light ..for the likes of me and you
and you might be an angel .. even when you're feeling blue
for someone may be out there... looking up at you

By Mike (





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