In the late hour of the night, I thought of you
I thought, and I wondered where you were
Where did you go, what became of you
These questions went unanswered for so long
Did you think perhaps I knew?

What color were your eyes, your hair?
Did you have all your fingers and toes?
Did they hold you with love and care?
These questions went unanswered for so long
And I wondered, year after lonely year

I sat in a church and looked to God
Asked Him this question, "do you know?"
I prayed for the answer to be given at last
I thought I could feel it when he gave his grace
I felt that he would arrange for me to see her face

The years went by, and I wondered still
As I grew older, still I wondered
Did you like music and books as I?
Were you a tomboy or a girlie-girl?
Was your hair long and straight or have a curl?

I sit here, in front of the fire, and I think
I registered to find you, a year went by, no news
What if you were'nt looking for me?
What if you were happy,?
Should I give up? Should I?

On each birthday, I wrote you a letter
When you were eight, I stopped
sadly I put pen and paper away,
I was having a child of my own, one that I could hold
One who would one day call me "mother"

She took up all my days and nights
I loved her with my life for all my life.
My light, my own star shining brightly,
"I love you a bushel and a peck"
"a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck"

Kindergarten, then five more years
graduating into junior high, pretty and popular
My days were empty of noise and laughter
Again, I started asking questions
Again, I started to wonder.

This one grew up and graduated
Beautiful face to be shared with the world
no longer does she totally belong to me
except her heart will always beat for me
"I love you a bushel and a peck"

College bound and my nest is empty
So much time on my hands to think of "her"
Wondering if she went too and did her folks miss her too?
One of these days I will know these answers
Maybe she will give them to me.

Then the lady called and asked my name
and asked me if I had registered at
looking for a little girl who once belonged to me.
When I could compose myself and settle down
I said yes, have you found her?

Shaking and crying, I listened as she told me all
about her. It was a miracle , thank God. He did,
he did answer my prayers
HE is good

By susi Taylor (








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