It was a lonely road, not much traffic passing by,
just a few old scrub pines cut from the pasture,
but I so much wanted to
buy mom and dad a present.
Thought I would try it,
try selling Christmas trees.

Sat there for three days,
no one stopped or looked,
then a big black Buick got
stuck in the ditch.
I took the tractor and pulled them out;
the lady was ecstatic and
gave me five dollars!

Told her I could not take it
for being neighborly.
She looked at me and smiled,
as her driver snickered.

She canted her head with a twinkle in her eye,
"Why that is for one of those lovely
Christmas trees," she said.

I grinned and shuffled my feet,
"Which one?" I asked in glee.
She looked about and then replied,
"I will take the whole bunch."

I sold them all to her and
that chauffeur came back in a truck,
hauled them to the city,
gave them to the poor.

With my new found riches,
Christmas presents I bought.
When I started home I still had
money in my pocket.

So I put it in the kettle
where the man was ringing a bell.
Best Christmas I remember:
"Christmas trees for sale."

By Tom (






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