Coming Up December

From time to time I post a writing challenge on our message board for our members and guests. I usually post six words, or groups of words, and ask that they write a poem using the chosen words. They can use only one word per stanza and there may be connecting stanzas. Also, the words can be used in any order. This time they were asked to write around the theme of winter.

If you would like to participate, you'll find the challenge on our message board. Write a poem using the guidelines I have given and I'll add it to the page.

This week's list of words, or groups of words follows:




"...lacking good sense."



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Coming Up December

*Lacking good sense Marilyn went shopping
The stores were busy the clerks all hopping
Spending money there was no stopping

When arrived home to a complaining Ben
Seeing her packages asked how much did you spend
It's almost *December she tried to defend

These are all presents for those I hold dear
After all, Christmas is so very near
We still have money in the bank don't you fear

But Ben was not in a generous mind * frame
The economy was bad he needed someone to blame
The more Marilyn talked the more his temper did flame

Till *twelve o'clock they argued about cash
Tired Marilyn untied her robe sash
And stood there nude she was so * rash

Ben of course could not resist the temptation
Her ploy worked, it was her salvation
Let's head *north tomorrow and take a vacation

They started out but needed to munch
So stopped at their favorite place for lunch
Had to head on home as they drank too much *punch

Oh well, at least we got over the fight
And we enjoyed the meal with every bite
Oh no it is snowing, just looke at the sight

© By Sharon (

Shopping Insanity

A Wal-Mart worker died after being trampled when hundreds of shoppers smashed through the doors of a Long Island store Friday morning, police and witnesses said.

The 34-year-old worker, employed as an overnight stock clerk, tried to hold back the unruly crowds just after the Valley Stream store opened at 5 a.m.

Witnesses said the surging throngs of shoppers knocked the man down. He fell and was stepped on. As he gasped for air, shoppers ran over and around him.


The *Twelve days of Christmas don't have their usual ring.
Shoppers are out, but can't seem to get into the swing.

Some are *lacking in good sense as the push and shove for those things that are supposed to be on sale.
What bargain can be that good or important that makes their greed so prevail?

One man threw a *punch at another who was running to grab what he thought was the last TV.
What has happened to people when their eyes their own greed can not see?

December should be a month of peace, goodwill toward all,
But materialism has taken over at the Mall.

His average *frame was found trampled by a boisterous Christmas crowd as they rushed through the door at 5:00 a.m. to beat everyone else into the store.
They didn't even notice that he lay cold and silent behind them on the floor.

The *North Pole is a myth, and Christ has been removed from Christmas as citizens have forgotten the true meaning of the Season once again.
I ask, has the whole world gone insane?

© By Phyllis Ann (

Tragic Tale

*North is the direction the back porch faced,
With a lovely view over a wide field,
And across which icy winter winds raced,
Unimpeded, not one tree as a shield.

There was often frost on each window pane,
For loose *frames allowed cold air to enter.
Clear vinyl sheets were attached, but in vain,
And it was an unused space in winter.

Prior to *December, there was some heat
That seeped in through the open parlor door,
But, by Christmas, we would suffered cold feet,
Despite a thick wool carpet on the floor.

That’s where we served cold sandwiches and *punch
On the holidays, when relatives came.
Mama set up sort of a buffet lunch,
It seems every year it was the same.

Once, my cousins Bob, Matthew and Hortense
Went out onto the freezing porch to play;
Though Aunt Jane said they were *“.…lacking good sense.”
They drew frost pictures for much of the day.

When I was *twelve, Dad added a woodstove,
And insulated the porch nice and snug.
Not too long after that, we had to move –
The house burned down when embers lit the rug.

© By Richard McCusker (

Coming Up December

I looked *North to find the pole.
A visit with Santa today.
My Ford slid into a huge pothole.
Now I know why he uses a sleigh.

The reindeers wanted a *frame
To put around Rudolph's red nose.
To him it was all the same.
They follow wherever he goes.

A busy month is *December.
What with Christmas and Hanukah loot.
To pay the bills you should remember,
Before the landlord gives you the boot.

Sip slowly the holiday *punch.
It's mostly vodka and gin.
You'll be hammered just before lunch.
What a wonderful state to be in!

I want a new car for my birthday
The Troll said that's ....*"Lacking good sense."
Well, you know what they say...
"It's a matter of dollars and cents."

The *twelve days of Christmas,
Is eleven too many for me.
These days I tend to spend less.
But I expect more don't you see?

© By Swampetta (

Coming Up December

Way up *north where it gets so cold
Some people are so bold,
They do not know
They are cold.

Their *frame shimmies,
Their *frame shakes,
Actually they are in
One heck of a mess.

But in *December when
The temperature does drop,
They increase their antifreeze
And wear more clothes.

Saw one at a party,
The *punch was pure 181,
But they by then
Were just rum dumb.

*Lacking in good sense
Is what some say,
Wonder how they will fare
In late January?

*Twelve months have the year,
But do not shed a tear,
For in the summer when it is warm,
They are hot since they have the DT’s.

If one comes down south,
They are so weak from the heat
They cannot use their mouth,
So they shake and wither away.

But then sometimes in July,
They sober up and
Look about,
“Life is so bad to them, they do it again.

© By Tom (

Coming Up December

Knew we all were *lacking good sense,
So we opted for a Mexican food lunch,
Cut up like kids the rest of the day,
Tho one son had an early morn hunch.

Went across town, bought a clock in a *frame,
That chimes Christmas tunes on the hour.
One after one, all three clocks chimed,
The grandfather, bird, the new deer and snow shower.

The *north wind was howling,
Though in our strong house
Full of enchiladas and tacos and flautas
We stayed warm without the mall browse.

*December comes this Monday,
So must home cleanup time.
I wonder how long it will take
To clean after company’s grime. [actually they didn’t leave grime - it just fit the line.]

Been up for at least *twelve hours,
Walking around in a sort of blue fog,
Though age takes over you don’t have to rush,
We’ll snap back, just me and my dog.

© By Norma (





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