Seven billion dollars!
Too much to comprehend;
And it seems more follows,
Where will this “bail out” end?

Autoworkers stand by,
They have their hands out too.
Why should anyone try
For success? I’ve no clue.

Failure, as policy,
Seems a lucrative route;
Work ethics, fallacy -
Best not to give a hoot.

And what of “oversight”?
By bureaucratic Feds,
Paid to see things done right -
Who goes after their heads?

Those Fed foxes, it seems,
Ignored the coop raiding;
With American Dreams
For peons fast fading.

Obama is for change,
So such crooks best watch out.
Yet, I do find it strange,
He never raised a shout.

Fellow senators, too,
Had their heads in the sand.
Seems that nobody knew -
It was like sleight of hand.

CEOs just got rich,
While no one seemed to care.
It went without a hitch,
Till the boardrooms were bare.

Is it coincidence
Oil costs suddenly dropped?
Or do the guilty sense,
Best now, such tactics stopped?

© By Richard McCusker(




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