You were one of a litter that your Momma surprised us with.
Thirteen years ago you were born in a closet as my grandsons watched.
They thought it was really neat how Momcat "Pooped" out the kittens.
We didn't offer a whole lot of information about it.
We noticed you didn't have a standard size tail.
It was more a fur covered stump. Unique, different. That was you.
When you were a mere kitten you were playing with an electric cord.
You bit bit back. We took you to the vet who gave us medicine to put on your mouth.
HE held you while MEAN old me swabbed the Q-tip on.
You never liked me as much as you did him.
But we loved you,
And will miss you.
And no other cat can take up the space in our hearts that you left.
Goodbye our dear Halfie.

By Swampetta (





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