A writing challenge on our message board for our members and guests resulted in the following poems. I usually post six words, or groups of words, and ask for a poem using the chosen words. Only one word per stanza for the challenge, but there may be connecting stanzas. Also, the words can be used in any order. This time the challenge was for the new year.

If you would like to participate, you'll find the challenge on our message board. Write a poem using the guidelines I have given and I'll add it to the page.

The list of words, or groups of words are:

crystal flutes



city lights

"Happy New Year"


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Happy New Year

In their hands they held crystal flutes
Drunk as skunks were those old coots
One wore scuffed up cowboy boots

All of a sudden there was a flare
Soaring wildly through the air
Bursting into color way over there

The one with the tattoo yelled out loud
"Look at that busy thronging crowd"
He hee'd and he hawed

The city lights began to shine
Cowboy boots wanted more bubbly wine
One of the others said , "Sure that's fine."

Slowly the crowds grew wild and crazy
It wasn't a day to act all lazy
"Hey there goes Tattoo's wife Daisy"

Kisses took place at exactly the time
That Celebrations were about to unwind
"HAPPY NEW YEAR," I Hope its devine."

By Sharon (ByGolly25@aol.com)


The Miracle of the Crystal Flutes

At Macy's Department Store, was a beautiful Christmas display window that remained intact after Christmas was a thing of the past.
Susan stood in front of it and slowly walked away wishing forever it would last.

The city lights were dim compared to that beautiful window that she longed to stand inside of, if for only a moment or two.
As she walked along the cold street she was trying very hard not to be blue.

She could still see the Christmas angels holding the crystal flutes in their hands as if to play a magical tune.
Susan played the flute and wanted to hold one of those crystal flutes, but that was like asking for the moon.

Down the street blew a gust of wind that nearly knocked her off her feet.
She burst into tears as she thought about her shabby apartment just down the street.

A guy with a tattoo was standing in the hall next to her apartment door.
She quickly exited up to the next floor.

Hoping the man was gone, she went back down to her apartment door,
But there he was standing just as before.

"I saw you gazing into that window at Macy's a while ago", he said.
"I'm not a threat, you have nothing to dread".

"I dressed that window myself, and you seem to like it a lot."
"Just what is it that draws you to it like candy to a tot"?

"I want to hold one of those beautiful crystal flutes", she said before she could stop.
"Oh, is that all", he replied, "you do know its a prop."

The next morning Susan stood in the window holding one of the crystal flutes as if to play a magical tune for all to hear.
The next thing she knew, she began to hear the notes and shook with fear.

A crowd had gathered in front of the window as she held the flute to her lips as next to the angel she stood.
A beautiful song came from the flute, and it was so very good.

"Happy New Year", said the man with the tattoo as he disappeared from behind the scenes.
It was a miracle for Susan, a gift for a girl of little means.

The man with the tattoo was no where to be seen,
As she stepped from the window she felt like a queen.

By Phyllis Ann (Starbird55@comcast.net)


Happy New Year

Happy New Year we all yelled,
started home at daylight,
oh a great party it was,
but oh was I blurry eyed.

Diana showed me her new tattoo,
made her mad when I told her
I thought she was a lady
not tattooed trash.

City lights were going off
she was elected to drive,
I had not done this
in at least three lustrums.

Slow was the drive,
I wondered where she was going,
I lived in the northwest,
not east of town.

The lady had a fantastic smile,
we crept along,
I am taking you home with me,
have no idea where you live.

Oooh, had to go,
was about ready to burst
when we pulled into one of four garages,
I was off at a run, it was not fun.

I walked into the kitchen,
she was grinning at me,
handed me a champagne glass,
crystal flutes said it was expensive.

Will you give me a massage?
then sit in the hot tub with me?
I suddenly became awake,
will let you guess what happened?

By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)


Happy New Year

Trying to rhyme 'Crystal flutes'
Is giving me a real pain in the glutes.
Then working in the word 'Burst'
All I can think is that is the worst.
In the winter I'm bound to think slow.
I should be hibernating now, doncha know.
But those city lights keep me awake.
Some pot shots at street lamps I think I'll take.
Could this be the year a tattoo I'll get?
A map of the world on my butt? Not just yet.
Hopefully, all will have a "HAPPY NEW YEAR"!
And a hug from everyone you all hold dear.

By Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)


Happy New Year

“HAPPY NEW YEAR” is the strident cry,
When hands on the big clock reach midnight.
Another year has passed swiftlyly by,
And the Times Square mob shouts with delight.

CRYSTAL FLUTES of icicles dripping,
From eaves and wires along the streets.
Behind a cloud the moon is slipping,
As the last day of the year retreats.

Crowds of revelers BURSTING with cheer,
Unsure what source of jubilation;
After all, it’s just another year,
Hardly the first for our nation.

When we are young, SLOWLY years unfold,
But, as we age, time flies quickly past.
The glow of youth turns each day to gold,
Waiting are the gray days at the last.

But, for now, enjoy the CITY LIGHTS,
Join the celebration of the crowd.
Put aside pending pain, human plight,
Tonight, no gloomy thoughts are allowed.

Perhaps, find time to get a TATTOO -
There are several parlors nearby.
Something depicting a year brand new,
Maybe that hooded grim reaper guy.

By Richard McCusker (rmrickmack@aol.com)



Tattoo Happy New Year
along side those red, white 'n blues;
on both arms and legs
of that sad sot with soggy hues.

Watch the crystal flutes
bursting against the fireplace;
thrown with gusto; then
see the drawn~down face.

What good are slogans
written in city lights;
2009 brings more than bargained for
slowly we see shrinking of our rights!

By Mary Carter Mizrany (MusingByMary@aol.com)






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