Dorothy Marston
January 24, 1960

Out of my kitchen window I see; An ocean of white waves, so still so clean, so peaceful. Stark bare trees against a pale blue sky, Pine trees standing like lonely, colonial ladies wrapped in ermine. Weeds and small bushes covered with a glaze of ice, lacy and sparkling in the sun like handfuls of diamonds. Eaves of the roof lined with long frozen tears.

The bird feeder, host to saucy blue and grey Jays, a pair of red Cardinals with their perky topknots feast on the cracked corn and sunflower seeds. A Downey Woodpecker and silly tiny Nuthatchers scamper up and down the tree trunk, hunting for insects and larvae. They ignore the feeder tray except for a few pecks at the suet ball.

Busy little brown Sparrows on the ground, pick up seeds scattered by the other birds, always keeping a bright eye on the look-out for feline intruders. Even tho' the Mourning Dove cannot be seen, his soft, lonesome cry brings tears to my eyes. A surprise visit by a big Ring-necked Pheasant and a graceful farewell flight in search of a nearby cornfield for food and shelter. Thick threads of wire, lacing the air, barely noticeable at other times. Roof smoking with steam and snow. An unseen jet chalking up the sky.

Here I am, lingering at my window, marveling at things so beautiful that only God could create them.

Dorthy Marston was susi Taylor's sister

By Dorothy Marston (




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