Handsome is he with sparkling eye
She watches with her ways so shy
Young Love

He asks for a date and she agrees
A movie plays but he is all she sees
Young love

Everywhere together they are seen
He on her and she on him feelings so keen
Young love

A wedding takes place and all attend
A ring is placed on finger she does lend
Young love

Together they have a baby or two
One named John the other Sue
Young love

The children grow into adulthood
Bringing grandchildren as they should
Young love

He and she retire from a lifetime of work
They get to understand each others quirk
Old love

One goes to heaven leaving the other alone
The one left behind watches as grandchildren are grown
Sad love

Then he or she joins the other with God
This as it should be and not a bit odd
Eternal Love

By Sharon (ByGolly25@aol.com)





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