Ben and I were in Northern Maine a couple of weeks ago and while we were there, we went on a moose safari. We went by boat and crossed Moosehead Lake. I don't know what the temperature was, but it was windy and cold. In fact, I wrapped myself in a blanket and was still cold. At least my hands weren't so cold that I couldn't use my camera.

After a couple of days of sightseeing in Northern Maine, we drove on down to the coast. In both the northern sections of Maine, and the coast, the autumn foliage was at peak. If you watch the slide show, you'll see pictures of Moosehead Lake, a trout stream, a loon, lobster buoys, and other wild life.

On the coast, I took pictures of historic homes, lobster shacks and paintings in art gallery windows.

Ben and I also visited two lighthouses: Portland Head Lighthouse and Nubble Lighthouse. Maine is well-known for its lighthouses and the first one you see is Nubble Lighthouse. The last one is Portland Head Lighthouse. Portland Head Lighthouse is said to be the most photographed lighthouse on the planet. I don't know where I heard that, but when you see it, you can see how it might be so.

I hope you enjoy my pictures.

By Marilyn (

For my Second Slide show of Maine, click HERE.

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