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I made this page with tears in my eyes because this week we lost a dear friend and member of our writing group. Frannie was not only a contributor to this website, but she posted nearly every day on our message board. She inspired us with her faith in God, her love of life, and her humor. She was a native New Yorker for most of her life and had become a resident of Georgia only in the past three years.

Frannie fell in love with the South. She often wrote of the warmth of the people, her love for her church, the flowers in her yard, the birds and other wildlife. In fact, she fell in love with a certain Golden-haired donkey and even wrote a poem about it.

You'll find many web pages on this site that feature Frannie's writings. I'm providing links to a few, but if you'd like to read more, you can find them by browsing the main index page.

On October 17th, Frannie wrote and posted this last poem on our message board:

I've trod the streets of Brooklyn as a child
They were cramped and crowded with poor folks
Just like my own, trying to make a living and survive
Yet in those narrow streets and rooms there was love.

Later I moved to the suburbs where grass and trees
Were plentiful and pretty houses were filled with
Families just like my own, trying to survive and prosper
This generation had different goals and dreams.

I walked the streets of affluent Manhattan
Skyscrapers filled with business men and women
Financial whizzes, Madison Avenue types
Struggling to make more money than anyone else.

Now I walk the streets and byways of the South
A small town filled with gentle people and places
A different lifestyle altogether that's for sure
With quiet, conservative, God-fearing neighbors.

Someday this world will be foreign to me
And I'll be transported to a far-away place
Where birds are singing and flowers are growing
And love blooms profusely everywhere.

Below are tributes from our group of writers. If you would like to submit a poem or a tribute, send it to me at, and I will add it to the page.

The Golden Donkey

Changing Seasons

Marilyn (



Life and the pangs of fate
have taken a friend of ours.
Frannie the Georgia lady
passed on yesterday.

Spunky little red head she was,
Full of vim, vigor and life.
She was a delight to know,
a dear Internet Friend.

She could spin a good tale,
write a good poem,
very religious,
dearly loved the Rev.

Said she was prepared to go,
she was at peace with her world.
Her children and husband and all of us,
will miss her, she was our friend.

The Old goat from Wyoming I was,
goodby my New Yawk friend.
Go with God, enjoy heaven,
it was my pleasure to know you.

AKA, Thomas F. Hamm, PhD, PE
Major USAF Retired
29 October 2008



Frannie you will be missed so
As Heaven bound you did go
You are in a much better place
Here on Earth we miss your face

An online friend of the best
Now you've gone to take a rest
A Gal so feisty and quite sweet
Knowing you has been a treat

Our group will not be the same
Without seeing your good name
Say hello to Loyal there
Know that we here on Earth care

Goodbye my friend till we meet
Where you are please save a seat
Frannie you are missed quite so
Lonely here without your glow


Frannie, Our Good Friend

Frannie, our good and faithful friend,
Words can't express how we will miss you and all the lovely things you penned.

Your love of the donkey will always be remembered along with how you loved the Southern life.
Now you will be at peace without any strife.

You won't be in our lives each day as we post our little poems and prose,
But we will never forget you in the quiet times that we compose.

One of my favorite hymns:

Lead Kindly Light Hymn

Lead, kindly Light, amid th’encircling gloom, lead Thou me on!
The night is dark, and I am far from home; lead Thou me on!
Keep Thou my feet; I do not ask to see
The distant scene; one step enough for me.

I was not ever thus, nor prayed that Thou shouldst lead me on;
I loved to choose and see my path; but now lead Thou me on!
I loved the garish day, and, spite of fears,
Pride ruled my will. Remember not past years!

So long Thy power hath blest me, sure it still will lead me on.
O’er moor and fen, o’er crag and torrent, till the night is gone,
And with the morn those angel faces smile, which I
Have loved long since, and lost awhile!

Meantime, along the narrow rugged path, Thyself hast trod,
Lead, Savior, lead me home in childlike faith, home to my God.
To rest forever after earthly strife
In the calm light of everlasting life.


Frannie, Our Good Friend

Whenever I tried to picture Frannie, I pictured her as a redheaded version of my little blonde sister, petite, funny, kind, and full of personality. Maybe in heaven they'll meet each other today. I lost my baby sister yesterday.



It is never easy to lose a friend even though you have never met in person. Here in the 'Blue Nowhere' we probably share things that the people in our lives every day never hear. I delighted in having Frannie describe her new found love and having the faith and trust to just jump into a new role.

I don't think I could have done it that easily.

Now she is becoming one of the stars that light the sky and she will shine as bright as any of them.

Thank You Frannie for being part of my experience with life.



We never lose the ones we love
For even though they're gone
Within the hearts of those they touched
Their memories linger on

We have them imprinted on our mind
Don't visit every day
But the way they have impressed us
Goes with us a long long way

Each one of them is remembered
As someone who has made their mark
Their personality and talent
Has left a precious spark



Frannie emailed me a few years ago saying she lived on Long Island and we were going to try to meet, but family things kept that from happening. She had a terrific sense of life and love and will be missed by all who knew her. She's now at peace in the arms of Jesus.



Although I did not know her, I enjoyed her work and will, through the archives, enjoy it still. Often I go back into the old pages and read the poems that I missed, and read lots of them over again. Frannie was one of the best.

Always, when I read of the passing of a friend, I think of a haiku that is in one of my books. It seems to be so appropo at times like this.

if they ask for me

tell them I had business

in another world




although i didn't know you well
from reading your stories i could tell
that you loved folks both north and south
and always kind words came from your mouth

you loved the poems on lara's page
i've never seen you in a rage
a smile you've alway had on your face
and you seem to love all the human race

you are safe now in God's hands
up in heaven, that beautiful land
no pain, no hurt, all sorts of love
please look down on us from above

angel wings
beautiful things
frannie now flies
with the Lord on high...


For Frannie

The most important thing
Is to see with your heart
The mind distorts
And thoughts confuse
The heart renews.
This was Frannie's message as I see it
Good advice to go to when you need it.


Is There a Place Called Heaven?

Is there a place called Heaven.....
Beyond the morning sun
A place where we can meet again
when life on earth is done.

A place where we all hold hands....
No color to the skin
A place of love and beauty
where happiness begins

I myself have seen this place....
In a momentary dream
In a moment of pleasure
God spoke these words to me

This is MY kingdom....
And my child you are my son
I have a spot before me
when your work on earth is done

The beauty of his spoken words....
took my breath away
I dropped to my knees
and begged him to let me stay

He placed his hand upon me....
And said it can not be
Go my child and spread the word
And show your love for me

As I awakened from my dream....
My heart was all aglow
Heaven is now a real place
and I must let the world know

Each of us is special....
A part of Gods great plan
And heaven holds a place
for each and every man.


Tribute to Fran

I grew up with Fran in Brooklyn - we both lived on Himrod Street and I have vivid memories of us at 11 years old doing silly, funny things that only young girls do. We went to high school together. Then, as life does, we went in our separate directions and lost touch. Just about a year ago, after more than 50 years, Fran searched and contacted me and, you know, we were able to pick-up that friendship as though no years had passed. She was an exceptional person and will be missed.


Frannie's Flight

Fly on, our Frannie girl,
to realms above earth's sight;
Winged angel now to know
Heaven's world of Sonlight!

Rest on a lovely cloud
view that you've ne'er seen;
breathe Heaven's fragrant aroma,
you'll surely brighten that scene!

Meet face to face that One
who called you, dear one, Home;
that sea of faces who've waited
to welcome you, "Frannie, come!"

You're hearing that Heavenly choir
sing welcome songs just for you;
Oh, Frannie, you're hearing,
"Well done, my faithful and true!"

Good Shepherd's warm embrace,
whispering in your ear;
"My sweet lamb, Frannie,
how glad am I you're here!"

Mary Carter Mizrany
November 4, 2008

Dedicated to the memory of
our precious poet and friend,

Always in our hearts, Frannie:-)





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