Saturday Morning, October 11, 2008

looking out the window
I watch leaves fall
two young boys playing catch
in the street
the sun is burning the dew
off the grass
a soft breeze is blowing
the quaking aspen is living
up to its name, with its
yellow leaves twisting and
turning like an old woman
works her hands around
when she is worried.
The ball gets away from
the boys and sails into my
yard. They run into the
yard to retrieve it and they
espy me sitting here in the
window and wave and say
"hi, we're just getting our ball"
I've got errands to do today.
I need to go to the farmer's
market for a few things,
then go to the turkey store
for tomorrow's dinner. And
when I get home, I have to
get back down in the basement
and try to get some more done
down there to clean it out.
About sixty-four years of
accumulation needs to be
gone thru, sorted into three
different piles. "KEEP, TOSS,
GIVE AWAY." I've been
doing this for three days
and am just now seeing
a light at the end of the
I can get the laundry done
in between trips up and
downstairs. It is suppose
to be a beautifully warm
afternoon so I will get as
much done as I can, and then
go outside and work around
in the yard, enjoying the sun
on my shoulders. John Denver
was right. "Sunshine on my
Shoulders" makes me happy.
Later on, when the sun gets
far enough around to shine on
the porch, I'll take my book and
sit on the swing and get some
reading done.
This will be a wonderful Saturday!
I'll do things that need to be
done, things that i've wanted to do,
and relax with a good book.
Life is good.

By susi Taylor (





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