Dear Friends and Visitors ~ On this day we pause to say THANKS to our Veterans. Throughout the years, men and women have fought and sacrificed to keep this land free, and they are still fighting. A former neighbor of mine received a touching e-mail from his 55 year old sister, who is presently fighting in Afghanistan. I requested permission to publish it because it was written by a GRANDMOTHER...a woman WHO IS THERE, doing her part to keep this country free. Her message touched my heart...

If, after reading Mary's message, you would like to add a comment, you can send it to me and I will post it. Or, you may send a letter directly to Mary. I will be sending her a link to this page.


"Hi M and V:
By terps I mean interpreters. They go out on missions and find out where the Taliban is by talking with the locals, they also interpret for the Afghan Army when they go out on missions. Each Kandak or team is assigned 10 and maybe they take two teps out per mission. They fight right along side the Army. Last night our sister FOB (forward operations base) took on two rocket attacks. Thank God the rockets fell short of the base and nobody was hurt. It is very dangerous out here and anytime you are on the road you can be killed. So keep all of FOB Apache in your prayers.

All of the people who I have come in contact with hate the Taliban. They have been imprisoned by them and tortured. Most of the Afghan Army and Police have facial scars, an eye taken out, a hand cut off by the Taliban. Most of the terps have lost their Fathers to the Taliban and are now the sole supporters of their family at the age of 20 something. They make from $400.00 - $600.00 a month. They send it all home to support their family which consist of no less the eight people, their Mother and sisters and brothers. This is a very poor country and your heart breaks when you go out to the village and see children with no shoes and dirty. But one thing I can say for them they are happy and willing to work and help in anyway they can. Very respectful.

My mailing address is

Mary Zullo, ETT
APO AE 09355

Things that are needed here are Soccer Balls and Volleyballs for the soldiers, terps and children. Size 9 sneakers for the terps. These poor guys come to work with only a small bag (one that we would use to go to the gym) they have no shoes only sandals and the army does not give them any clothes. I have been giving them all the extra stuff that I have. They don't even have a blanket to keep warm with. So what I have been doing is collecting blankets when people leave and have been giving it to them. Pretty soon the snow will be here and anything to keep warm would be greatly appreciated. Most of the terps are size medium.

In another e-mail sent TWO days ago, Mary wrote:

Yesterday was a very sad day for us. A convoy on it's way to Kabul was hit by an IED and then was engaged in fire by the Taliban. We lost one Afghan Army personnel and one was wounded. My terp was on that convoy. A young man of nineteen who is supporting his family. I'm in charge of all the terps, 78 of them. They are all under 30. They take on this job and have to stay here two years then they can transfer to Kabul and apply for a Visa to the US. Our younger generation should be exposed to their life style so that they don't take anything for granted. These young men never complain are always respectful and willing to help, This is the time of year that the Taliban hits us hard as the winter is coming and because of the snow they can't fight. As much as I hate the cold and snow I guess here it is a good thing as fighting stops until everyone can dig themselves out.

© Message by Mary (



The Volunteer State has lived up to its name.
The Tennessee National Guard is one and the same.

They have sent many to conflicts in recent years.
Some have come home to adulation and cheers.'

Some have come home under the flag draped.
Far from home, they did not escape.

They did not escape the road side bombs of the desert land far from home and loved ones dear.
For them we put our hand on our hearts and shed a tear.

Volunteers in a hostile land, they served well for the Home of the Brave.
On this Veteran’s Day we pay tribute at the side of many a grave.

Tribute to Viet Nam Vets From Their Children:

Veterans Day

Another Veterans Day is upon us.
They have not died in vain for honor, the just and the unjust.

Our minds travel back over years and many wars fought for different reasons.
Soldiers have marched into eternity in the cold, heat and all of the seasons.

We grieve for them, their families and friends.
It seems that these wars will never end.

POWs and MIAs are remembered with special prayers.
Their fate is something for which we deeply care.

No matter what we say or do to remember them on this day,
We can't forget the hallowed ground in which they lay.

© by Phyllis Ann (


To Mary,

The families of those you serve hold you in high regard, Mary. May God bless you and all in your care, always.

Affectionately, (Doris)


A diminishing number of us lived through World War II. Everyone was involved. “Extra” was a rallying cry announcing some serious battle across the seas. Are we so jaded that these hideous wars among civilians and children have become so commonplace they do not deserve front pages and “Extras?” Every time a soldier falls there should be a “Special News Report.” Pictures of little children in war zones should be seen as well as those poor in underdeveloped countries. Every night on the news, every soldier who has fallen should have his or her face shown on the news and our heads bowed. These wars should be brought into our living rooms and dens so that we will not go about our business from day to day without first at least sending a prayer or registering a protest with the powers that be. We need to get down to business or get out. Our soldiers deserve our honor and praise along with the best equipment we can supply. They deserve our prayers and remembering every day, not just on special days. Their families are suffering among us, while we who have no family members “over there” take our lives for granted.

© by Norma (


went to a veteran's parade today
red white and blue proudly display
flags were flying usa was shouting
along the route people were smiling

i agree our folks should walk
a mile in those men's sandals
and our folks should have to talk
see how many hardships they can handle

i pray for more folks like your friend
may we someday find peace on this land
may all the people understand

that freedom of speech, religion and more
is all that we folks are looking for ..
pray each day
that we may

bring our soldiers home
no more to wander and roam

© by Amy (


Young men and women have fought wars
Many a year on distant shores
So sad for the parents and wives
Lost forever are many lives

In wars some heros go to fight
Other heros cry tears at night
I am not sure which is more brave
For some watch love put in a grave

Some uncles died in WW2
In Viet Nam lost friends quite a few
Some come home damaged oh so bad
To see them struggle is quite sad

Wish there would be a time of no war
Our young wouldn't fight on distant far shore
But alas this won't ever be
They must fight to keep all men free

For those who manage to come home
No more on distant shores to roam
Lets give them love to help them heal
Try to understand just what they feel

© by Sharon (


Not Just Another Day

in America's memory;
September 11, 2001
that day of infamy.

That day America
was forever changed;
when terrorist's attacks
caused our land to be rearranged.

Our lives never knew
an act of war in our land;
we didn't realize terrorist's minds
capable of such an evil plan.

SO today we are remembering
those still feeling terror's pain;
praying, gracious Father, your
protection, once again.

Protection not just from terrorists,
but from ALL who'd do us harm;
Believing you send angels
whene'er we raise alarm.

NO, not this day we commemorate;
each person whose lives were taken
on this important date.

America, The Beautiful,
land that we dearly love;
May God bless and keep you
shed his Light from above.

Heal our wounds, dear Father,
O, hold us near your heart;
help the praying warriors to
continue to do our part.

we ask prayer for our enemies;
O, Father of all mercies,
bless America, PLEASE.

Mary Carter Mizrany
September 11, 2008
Protected by Laws of Copyright
Dedicated to ALL our military, veterans and those still
standing in the gap for us in protecting us and fighting for

May the Lord keep you near His heart.

Mary, we SO appreciate all you are doing in service
and ask that the Lord keep His proection upon you and
all those serving in the military.

Love in Jesus,

On Wings of Faith Ministries
Humble, TX

© by Mary (





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