Thanksgiving Day

From time to time I post a writing challenge on our message board for our members and guests. I usually post six words, or groups of words, and ask that they write a poem using the chosen words. They can use only one word per stanza, but there may be connecting stanzas. Also, the words can be used in any order. This they had to write with a theme in mind and the theme was Thanksgiving.

If you would like to participate, you'll find the challenge on our message board. Write a poem using the guidelines I have given and I'll add it to the page.

The list of words, or groups of words:


stop sign


"Why would anyone....?"


next door

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The women were in the kitchen
Preparing up a good meal
Men sat in front the T.V.
Sports fans have such a good deal

Aunt and Uncle were late coming
Stops signs were lit all the way
Loud shouts from the living room heard
Men cheering on every play

Why would anyone spend their time
Eyes glued to a T.V. set
And not help the women slaving
On a meal not yet been et

Children outside having such fun
Playing with kids from next door
It was just as they did last year
Playing with neighbor kids before

After the daylight was waning
Groaning their tummys were full
Loosening up their belt buckles
Moving about very slow

I ate too much grumbled Auntie
I'll look like a whale real soon
Thanksgiving is about over
Tomorrow we'll sleep till noon

© By Sharon (

A Family Affair

Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house we go.
"Watch out for that stop sign at the foot of the hill; remember to go slow".

The waning of enthusiasm for events to come would not be forthcoming.
Christmas songs everyone was humming.

"This is going to be a whale of a Thanksgiving", Father said.
"Did you remember to bring that fresh baked bread?"

"Yes", said Mother; "Don't you remember that I gave a loaf to the folks next door."
"Oh, yes", said Father; "Too bad we couldn't have given them more".

"Why would anyone not want to share at this Holiday season is something I don't understand", said Mother.
"Yes, this is the time of year we should especially show love to one another".

After what seemed like a very long ride, the Johnson family pulled into the driveway of the Grandparent's home.
Grandpa come out to greet them singing..."Oh, there's no place like home for the holidays...'Cause no matter how far away your roam".

The big ceiling fan in the dining room sent the smell of turkey and dressing wafting through the cold November air.
Yes, Thanksgiving is certainly a family affair.

© By Phyllis Ann (


over the river to the house next door
i forgot to stop at the stop sign for sure
my freinds were whale watching from the shore
why would anyone want to do this anymore
as the day was waning
i knelt and said a prayer
of thanksgiving, for our soldiers over there

© By Amy (


Not being a fan of the day,
wife dragged me there,
after a big fight,
oh it was to her delight.

The back seat of the car,
was loaded with goodies.
At a stop sign,
we were rear ended.

The policeman laughed real hard,
“Why would anyone,
place that stuff on the seat?”
I grinned and just shrugged.

The old lady who hit us
shook her head,
“What are you feeding with all that stuff,
a whale or Eloise the blimp?”

My patience was waning,
as I cleaned up the mess.
Laughing I said,
“We can save it all.”

Both arms full we toted it in,
the neighbor from next door
just laughed with glee,
“Hen pecked ben, I think you are!”

Being myself, I went to clean the car,
had a pinch bottle of Haig & Haig.
Now I sit in the drunk tank,
driving back an accident I had.

So no dinner or fun I had,
damaged rear end and time in jail.
What the next one will hold,
wonder if I can just stay home?

© By Tom (


The oven was up and running,
The overhead fan was on.
The turkey sure was smoking.
It'd been roasting since the dawn.

I sent the Troll to the store.
Because the butter was flat gone.
He hurried through the stop sign,
And BANG! the chase was on.

The afternoon was waning.
But the streetlights were glowing bright.
The Police car was really gaining
And the Troll pulled a turn too tight.

Up on the lawn he did slide.
And he was heard to mutter;
"Why would anyone with any pride,
"Go to jail because of butter?"

Into the kitchen he slipped,
Madder than two wet hens.
Big old Officer Whale slid in and flipped.
The whole thing made no sense.

The neighbors next door had watched,
And shrieked and laughed with glee.
Thanksgving dinner was all botched.
And they all blamed it on little me!

© By Swampetta (

One Man's Thanksgiving

In the next door house
Live friendly people
Invited us for Thanksgiving
And football.

No fan am I, though
Pete is fanatic,
I accepted for his love
Of football.

Well, it was Thanksgiving eve,
And the sun was waning,
Pete went for wine to take
With football.

On the way there at time of dusk
Pete ran a stop sign
The car near crushed for the love
Of football.

“Why would anyone not know,
I had places to go?” he said to the cop,
He started to write, pled Pete “It’s all
For football.”

“Oh, well,” said the cop, “that’s
A whale of a story,” so he laughed,
“I’ll tear up your ticket, for my love
Of football.”

© By Norma (

Thanksgiving Day

They had a whale of a storm that year;
It started snowing the day before Thanksgiving
and snowed most of Thanksgiving Day,
hardly letting up until late afternoon.

Grandpa said, "Why would anyone want
to travel in weather like this? I'm staying home this year."
Grandma didn't argue, but went right ahead with her baking.
She was taking two pumpkin pies.

Their daughter's family lived in a busy part of town,
and it was her turn to have the family for Thanksgiving.
All together there would be sixteen of them,
plus she had invited her next door neighbor.

Grandpa spent all morning grumbling about the snow,
but when it was time to leave he had his boots on.
The snow was so thick they could barely see the stop signs.
Grandma was an excellent driver, however, and they arrived in good time.

While the women carried dishes of food to the table,
Grandpa got acquainted with his daughter's next door neighbor,
the author of "The Jeffrey Harrod Mysteries."
Grandpa had been a mystery fan for many years.

Finally it was time to eat and for Grandpa to say grace,
The wind had calmed and the storm was waning.
"Thank you Lord, for this life we enjoy; thank you for our many blessings.
I didn't want to come out today, but I'm glad I did. Amen."

© By Marilyn (

Pale Whale Tale

Such scents were wafted by the fan,
High up on the kitchen ceiling,
From the turkey’s big roasting pan,
Legs tied as if it was kneeling.

A screech of brakes at the stop sign
Drew her attention to outside;
With traffic pulled up in a line
A huge flat trailer truck she spied.

The day was waning, sun grown weak,
And growing cold enough to snow.
Across the sky, a pinkish streak
Had the horizon all aglow.

As the flat bed truck moved along,
Drawing up outside her front fence,
She muttered, “Why would anyone…?
It just didn’t make any sense.”

Of course, she knew it must be fake
Although it looked real, head to tail.
Who’d want a whale, for heaven’s sake?
Maybe from the museum sale?

And then the truck pulled up next door,
Driver leaping down from his cab,
He yelled, with a tremendous roar,
“I’ve a shipment for Captain Ahab!”

© By Rick Mack (





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