on a cold frosty morn
the children looked so forlorn
i decided right now
to get them outside somehow

i dressed them all in warm wooly things
like snowsuits and pants and hats that had bells that would ring
all bundled up we opened the door
and mercy me snow galore

the laughter and smiles
will stay with me awhile
as we trudged through the snow
their faces aglow

we rolled that snow into big balls
some of the kids i had to call
help me help me roll this snow
we gonna make a santa snow man you know

so with glee,
we created thee
rolled and patted the snow all around
started with a tiny ball off the ground

it stood so tall i needed a horse
to but the top hat on its head of course
i lifted a little one up so high
to put the pieces of coal in its eye

now the face was all done
the crooked smile was lots of fun
the carrot nose
will it grow?

as we all started to sing christmas songs
i knew these children would carry on
this tradition some day in yonder years
with their own children, i had no fear

so remember these words i've penned today
on the next real white wonderful snowy day
take your children or grandchildren to play
make them a santa snowman, come what may

By Amy (Fabulousfilly@aol.com)


I smelled the snow before it came
Crystal manna soft and silent
Fluttered down like angel wings
And melted on my cheeks.

By Diana (writerworks@live.com)


Snow, oh snow, where are you now?
You came, you blanketed us,
now you cannot be found.
A nice white blanket you spread around,
light and fluffy it came down.

The weatherman spoke and did say,
big snow storm coming from the northwest.
Snowplow ready and gassed up,
new snow thrower all ready to go,
wonder if it will close the roads.

Up in the NW. me oh my,
you get rain, all of the time.
the other day In New Orleans town,
they got snow with ice to boot.
Weather god must be smoking pot.
Oh my, what would happen if Sharon got snow?

Marilyn in Maryland gets mostly rain,
oh watch out when it sleets.
Shucks, out in the hinterlands,
we all have four-wheel drive,
with shovels and chains.

Hope it snows for Christmas,
hope it is a real deep one,
sparkling, twinkling blanket of white,
for to be honest here,
dang we need the moisture!

By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)


No snow upon our ground
No ice can ever be found
The sun is great
It is desert's fate
I'll never be one to be snowbound

By Sharon (ByGolly25@aol.com)


"Momma, can we build a snowman", is the pleading cry.
Little ones look out the window as the frosty stuff calls to them to try.

Momma can picture cold hands, feet and runny noses.
Her better judgment often opposes.

Then, she recalls the pictures in the photo album of all the snow creatures built in the past.
Then she relents, knowing the snow will not last.

The years swiftly pass, and the photos are looked back on with a smile.
Children with twinkling eyes and mittens white with snow are captured on film with Frosty frozen in time for a while.

By Phyllis Ann (Starbird55@comcast.net)


Snow....over-rated as far as I'm concerned.
It's nice to see on Christmas Eve.
Like powdered sugar falling on a cookie.
Brings out the holiday spirits.
I won't mind if it hangs on 'til New Years Day.
But by January 4th...it should melt.
My daughter in Florida said she misses snow.
When she lived here in Jersey she would swear at it.
She would pick up a shovel and attack it like it was her worst enemy. She'd call it names.
Now for 6 yrs,,,she's had sunshine for Christmas.
and she MISSES snow.
We think this is hilarious.

By Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)






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