A lot of years these fingers did touch!
I grabbed at it all and didn't miss much.
No diamonds or furs were felt by my hands.
Nor deutschmarks or yen or South African Rands.

Made many a snowball in blustery cold.
Even a snowfort or two they could mold.
In the summer, the sea sprays salt in my hair.
I feel the sun as it warms the air.

A hug from my kids fills me with pleasure
Touching them is love beyond measure.
Holding a kitten all fluff, soft and furry.
But it seems they grow up in a hurry.

So I'll grow older and keep it in touch.
My hands getting wrinkled a little too much.
If my eyes get dim, my ears just may too.
But I'll save a small hug and give it to you!

By Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)




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