What you giving me for Valentine day,
Are you buying me something red,
Or are Lady Godiva chocolates what I will get?

I stood and looked at her in amazement,
For my feet were wet because
They had holes in the soles,
And my old coat was ragged and patched.

A big hug and a kiss,
All the loving I can muster up.
Ain’t got no money, or credit either,
Remember I am an unemployed old stumble bum.

Get me a present or sleep in the shed,
Go to the soup kitchen for your grub,
You always have so many excuses,
All you are after is the loving.

I looked down at my holey shoes,
And found a safety pin for my coat.
And with my head tucked between my legs,
I left the house feeling so low.

I went to Penney’s and stole a Teddy,
And then to DT’s where Gold chocolate I took.
And then to one of those jewelry stores,
I just stole most everything I could think of.

I put it in a red bag with a heart on it,
And took it to her and started to work.
They caught me and the Judge gave me ninety days,
But she had a happy Valentine's Day.

© By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)







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