Wee angels skateboard across the sky
On small puff clouds of soft white fluff
Raindrops fall to our earth when they cry
Life for children can be quite rough

These tiny angels taken too soon
Should have had time to live their life
Something caused them to leave their mothers
From unforeseen tragedy of strife
Or misdeeds of someone other

So they arose to the heavens above
Gone from earth to be with the Lord
Leaving sadness with family who love
They ride on a fluffy skateboard

It would be nice if children were safe
From the worlds trouble and peril
But sometimes they succumb to bad strafe
Dangers from man who act feral

Do not cry for these angels so wee
Grown up angels take care of them there
When small clouds waft in sky that we see
Ridden by small angels who dare

by Sharon (ByGolly25@aol.com)





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