Why Winter isn't always white.
Look at the sky some velvet night.
Watch the stars glowing bright.

The colors you will see out there
Are the ones only nature would dare.
Sown like sequins for you to share.

Then there is the glistening snow.
It's not just white, don't you know?
Rainbow prisms put on a show.

By the pine trees where it flew
It's painted all in shades of blue.
Can you see it? I know I do.

Comes the dawn it's painted pink.
In the clouds like fuchsia ink.
Spread by angel wings I think.

The days will lengthen, time to focus
On the first appearing crocus.
More of nature's hocus-pocus.

That's why winter isn't always white.
Open your eyes, enjoy the sight
Of all the colors dancing in the light.

By Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)




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