Come on over
have a cuppa and let's talk
about the weather or whatever
memories we remember,
on this yukky day in November

come on over, it'll be fun
having tea and cinnamon buns
it's a perfect day to sit and chat
in front of the fireplace's embers
on a snowy day in December

hey, come on over
for a chat about new year's resolutions
and what we're going to do tomorrow
since we've put away the tree and wreaths of berry
we can just relax in January

come on over? not today
in my warm house i'm gonna stay
there's nothing worst than this month's weather
think i'll stick with a book and a Bloody Mary
in this rotten month of February

come on over for a cuppa?
maybe just one before I have to fix suppah
we can catch up on all the gossip
talk about your sore back and my fallen arch
in this snowy, yet muddy month of March

come on over in time for tea
we'll laugh and chat, just you and me
oh, I wish I could, but this time is not good
I have too many flower gardens to fill
It's planting time in the month of April

winter teatime is always fun
fills lots of hours when there's no sun
over Earl Grey and raspberry scones, our teas
keep us caught up on the neighborhood news
so see you when next we have the winter blues

By susi Taylor (




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