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Change Is A Coming

By Marilyn (

I titled this page 'Change Is A Coming'. We hear a lot about change these days: change in Washington, change in the weather, time change, and seasonal change. The building in the picture has undergone many changes over the years. You may want to write about those, or you may want to write about a seasonal change.

Fiction or fact, we look forward to your entry.

LaraOct7. (


Change is A Coming

By Amy (

In the crisp beautiful countryside of the state of Virginia, which is known as the Virginia is for lover's state
fall comes quickly, apples at the top of skyline drive
frost at the bottom close to the blue ridge,
frozen ponds for skaters.
there are no alligators,
the land of bears and deer.
oh how i loved it here,
camping in the summer,
even saw a hummer.
rangers guarding over us
talking and calming children who fuss
telling stories about bugs and such
oh how the children loved the ranger so much

stories galore
and so much more
they laughed and learned all about things
lightning bugs to the stones and they made rings
campfire and marshmallows
eagles and swallows

oh if only i could go there tomorrow...


Change is A Coming

By Sharon (

Outside the old stone walls stands
A lamp post that shines at night
Inside Mama is baking
The holidays will be just right

The leaves are changing color
Soon the tree will be quite bare
Climate is cooling for Autumn
But the skies remain so fair

Squirrels squirreling some acorns
In a winter hiding spot
On the weekend boys play ball
On an empty corner lot

Papa is cutting up logs
To use in the fire place
Sister is holding hands with beau
He's admiring her face

Will it snow for Thanksgiving
And will Christmas be white
Grownups hope it won't do so
Children hope for that sight


Change is A Coming

By Tom (

Old whitewashed brick house,
rough hewn logs,
cast iron trim and grillwork,
built in the late 1700ís.

Old town houses not far from,
new District of Columbia.
Old George Washington is
presiding there.

Town house of a
big plantation owner,
place to stay, in town on business,
wife spends the winter there.

Leaves all colored, it is fall,
some trees are stark bare.
Harvest in, apples ripe,
cider a aging in the cellar.

Harvest Ball real soon,
then the winter will set in.
Thanksgiving feast,
grandeur of Christmas.

Hogs all fattened up,
first big frost will be hog killing.
Fresh pork chops and tenderloin,
cure those hams for Christmas dinner.

Season changing, getting cooler,
time to get out the sweaters.
School a going full force,
children a dreaming of some snow.

Just a town house in Northern Virginia,
where my grandparents used to live.
Leaves to rake, wood to chop,
cause changes are a coming.


Change is A-Coming

By Norma (

Change is a-coming
So many seasons I've weathered.
Cold winter rains and sleet
Charactered my walls,
A carriage horse ridden through my gate,
To rest in its stall.

Many fashions I have seen,
Long skirts, button down shirts,
Ladies and gents party attire,
Mophead little children in tow,
The same to grow to beauty,
Under my gaslight,
Now electric wired.

I saw the first Ford
Limousines parked at my curb,
Hand-holding lovers
Slipped through my gate to the garden.
Yes, I watched it all, life and death
Kept my strength,
Kept my tenants safe and warm.

Yes, I am old and solid,
Stood through wars and love,
My bricks were imported, you know
From a far away land long ago.
The golden trees seem to blend
The best, I think, though change is acomin'


This Old House

By Phyllis Ann (

If walls could talk what would this house say,
Does it remember how the children throughout its rooms did play?

Mom and Dad and young ones gathered around the table,
Grandma came for Sunday dinner when she was able.

Does it remember the happy as well as the sad?
Does it remember the young Mom and Dad?

Kids in their rooms doing their homework each night.
Bathroom time would often lead to a fight.

These old walls could tell a few tales from over the years.
Itís kind of sad and brings a few tears.

Eventually it will be torn down for progress, and time will move ahead.
The walls will not remember what the little family said.


Old Stone House

By Amy (

the lamplighter comes
he outens the lights at dawn
the sun doth appear



By Mary (

Change is acomin'
Oh, what will it be;
hues of many colors
on the leaves of a tree?

Change is acomin'
will it be a better day;
hope the one whose elected
believes God moves when we pray!

Change is acomin'
will America change, too;
will BIG government continue
what will the new president do . . .

To resolve such serious problems
ungodliness out of control;
Will CHANGE break God's heart,
or will our nation be totally sold?

Sold to our enemies,
sold~out before our eyes;
sunk by a traitor with his
flagrant, ugly lies?

better pray and seek God's face;
HELP our beloved America
else be ready for DISGRACE!

Mary Carter Mizrany
November 4, 2008

It is election day today in America
and our homeland stands in the balance!




By Swampetta (

They say that change is coming
But we just can't say when.
When the rich will all be slumming,
And be sleeping in our den.

Change isn't always a good thing.
There's always "Status Quo"
Can it be "Bad to Worse"?
Only time will show.

We already ate the ham
That I bought just yesterday.
Stumped for dinner I am...
Wonder whose gonna pay?

It's said the rich get richer
And the poor get poorer still.
Ain't that a pretty picture?
As we go through the mill.




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