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Winter Walk

By Marilyn (

I titled this page 'Winter Walk', and I'm going to give you an additional challenge. Members and guests on our message board have been writing poems around a group of words. I would like to see us do that, too, but if you'd rather not, you may simply 'write to the picture'. Actually, it's fun to see how different our imaginations work around the same group of words. Why not give it a try?

The words or group of words I chose will follow. The idea is to use one word per stanza, in any order, and you may have connecting stanzas. In this particular challenge, try and follow the 'winter walk' theme. We look forward to your entry.

The list:

"Back then..."


LaraOct7. (


Winter Walk

By Diana Howell (

My arms a perfect fit around you, snug, secure, warm.
It wasn't always so, like water flowing over rock
The years have smoothed out our rough edges.

My arms feel good around you, synchronicity,
Many seasons we have shared, summers easy,
Potent springs, but our winter walk,
Our winter walk is a stone cold test. Can we survive the
Freezing, unyielding ice storms of misunderstandings?

Winter has a bad habit of arriving unannounced,
A blistering cold front from out of nowhere, bitter winds,
Bone chilling anger drives us behind walls of silence
We hibernate, await the the thaw, it always comes.

Our winter walk refines, tempers our resolve
You have seen my darkest season, I have witnessed yours.
Now we can tell each other the whole truth
And nothing but...we can trust...this is the harvest
Of unconditional love.


Winter Walk

By Mary Mizrany (

Walking in winter
is never routine;
only a wooden head
wouldn't know what I mean.

The air is invaded
by this scent and that;
see the chilly snowman
with that funny hat?

I' d never wish
to live on another continent;
here there's something for everyone
to make us content.

I remember "back then"
in the days gone by;
youthful, eager, fellas
would catch my eye.

Winter's just perfect
for a fine romance;
big band music so inviting
to share a dance.

Moonlight agleam
upon snowbound street;
Oh, recall the memories,
aren't they sweet?

Mary Carter Mizrany
December 29, 2008




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