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By Marilyn (

This is a 'Write to the Picture' challenge. If you choose to write, you might see this as a photograph that brings back memories. Or you might see this as a group of women who meet regularly for a day at the beach. Whatever you decide, it will have you thinking about sand and sea, not about the January cold many of us are experiencing right now.

Fiction or fact, we look forward to your entry.

LaraOct7. (


God Bless Girlfriends

By Mary (

Bless 'em Lord,
those dear ones you send;
to be our playmates,
that we call "best" friend.

They come in all sizes,
fill a space in the heart;
some share their troubles,
'n some take our part.

Think what they give,
so much love; so diverse;
they won't let us down
here for better or worse!

Remember the playmates
when we were just kids;
playin' ladies 'n dress~up
with all a those lids?

Cloches, fedoras 'n
mom's favorite bonnet;
white veils for tha weddins'
a wrap with butterflies on it.

Just can't live without GIRLFRIENDS,
guess that really shows,
'n that's why HE made 'em special,
they're blessings God knows!

Mary Carter Mizrany
February 7, 2009




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