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Cherished Treasures

By Marilyn (

Cherished Treasures. Everyone has them. We may have a piece of jewelry we treasure, or we may have a letter we've kept. I have the pen-knife my father used, and I have the little ruby ring my great-grandfather gave my great-grandmother when she was just fourteen years old. My mother won a gold watch when she entered her 4-H project in a state-wide competition, and I gave the watch to my daughter last Christmas.

What treasures have you kept over the years? I have cards and letters from both of my parents and my grandparents, and I cherish them.

Fiction or fact, we look forward to your entry.

LaraOct7. (


Children's Art Treasures

By Diana (

Before my hearing went
I used to lead nature walks
For kids in elementary school

Each year there was one teacher
Who asked her kids to remember
And draw what they liked the best.

I store these in plastic
And my heart swells elastic
Whenever I see them

A crayon drawing above
Short essay below
A 100% heartfelt with love

'Bold' eagles were always a favorite
The mis-spelling a good way to say it
Bald Eagles are bold it is true

They liked the frogs
And the beaver lodge
And the drawings of children

Reveal, they really are paying attention.
The one boy I just want to mention
A 'boys will be boys' kind of boy

Volcanic energy, erupting regularly
Who would have pegged him
For sensitivity?

His drawing, an eagle soaring
In a pure solid azure sky
Vibrating intensity.

Children reveal themselves
In their drawings
Get right to heart of the matter

Then we fill up their heads
With socialization
And out comes extraneous patter


Heart-Shaped Treasures

By Norma (

Criticize me you realtors,
"Clean the clutter,
You're showing your place
To young couples."

Dated rooms you say
Like your grandma's
And there's dust, see there!
Say the young couples.

I'll not drop my pearls before
These unlearned prospects,
In quiet will I hear sweet
Inexperience of last year's children.

My secrets are there before you
Its walls my life display,
Turn your nose, think what you must
I won't be long away.

There up above hangs
A funny green and yellow collage,
The DNA of a teenage boy
Artist in the making.

Long years ago a music teacher
Cross-stitched morning glories
For a blue remodeled kitchen,
Her time for me forsaking.

A teddy bear replica in
An old sewing chair,
A best friend's gift,
And love from a moving neighbor.

A kaleidoscope, pink ceramic flower,
A tiny creche brought from the alley,
Coated with grease, presented to
Mom by tiny grimy hands.

Ruffles and rockers and
Rock maple tables, a crocheted round
The handprints of a parent
Who loved me well.

I take a tour to search my
Best treasure left behind, and,
Find none but the heart-shaped spirits
Of those who dwell with me here.


Cherished Treasures

By Brier (

So tiny, so many could fit in the palm of my hand.
So old now but still gold and shiny.
Grandmother bought it seventy years ago.
Pinned it to my under shirts.

To protect me from evil and danger.
A gold cross, so tiny.
A cross for her first grand child.
Blessed by the parish priest.

Some day soon I will give it to my grand child.
A cross, prayed over many times.
The sign to say look after this precious one.
Prayers still are being said by me.

A tiny link to the past.
To the love a Grand mother knows.
Perhaps one day another child will pin it to another child.
And pray as we have for the little ones we love.


From an Old Trunk

By Tom (

The attic was full, lots of stuff,
the wife and I had just gotten the house.
I opened and old trunk,
found a satin covered box.

A cameo brooch oh so pretty,
a dazzling old dime story ditty.
Arranged on a folded
ornate silk scarf.

All arranged in the box.
Cameo brooch was so old,
I wondered which aunt owned it;
it looked like, Grandma Lil.

The glitzy ornate thing,
little golden swirls and things,
was it from a carnival?
Oh what was its meaning?

I wanted to look at the scarf,
so light and ornate.
Not one thing I did touch,
as I looked in that satin box.

I closed the lid and carefully,
placed it in an old candy box.
Took it to the old folks home,
said surprise to my old aunt Jane.

She sat so inanimate,
just starring at the wall.
Wondered if she knew the century,
then a flicker of a smile.

She took the box, held it there,
I knew she remembered.
She with a smile did say,
“My Fred has come back from the war.”


Treasures That I Cherish

By Mary (

Among my souvenirs
a lovely song 'tis true;
stored the long years through.

Corsage pressed 'tween pages,
to wear with my prom gown;
blue carnations matched my eyes,
such sweet memories are found.

Her writing was so squiggly,
letters my written just for me;
from grandmother, precious angel,
saved through years, so tenderly.

Musical jewelry box in attic,
few trinkets now it holds;
Valentine gift from high school sweetheart,
what secret memories untold.

Crystal mother gave me
before she passed away;
her favorite, now it's mine
precious mother in heaven today!

Friends I wouldn't trade
for fortune nor for fame;
you and you and you and you,
each one knows their name!

Just a few among the hundreds
cherished treasure that I keep;
Blessed am I, how well I know,
times it causes me to weep!

Mary Carter Mizrany
February 7, 2009
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