Capture a Rainbow

When I was small just a lad,
Once I chased the rainbow’s end.
Thought there was a pot of gold,
Thought I was being bold.

Could buy things for my grandma,
We could even buy a soda pop.
Or ride the bus to town,
She did not have to walk the route.

Capture a rainbow, snare a dream,
Would to that be icing on the dream?
All sorts of things so grand,
Why shucks we could even see the Hoover dam.

Get to live at home,
Not farmed out to my grandma.
But shucks, better yet,
My grandma would live in our house.

Love and caring, her sweet way,
Things always seeming to go OK.
Not needing lots of stuff,
Just content with what little we had.

But shucks when I was staying with her,
I did have hold of that rainbow.
Not any money, things like that,
But I felt kind of loved.

Capture a Rainbow, see the world,
Make life into one big whirl.
All your dreams come true,
No, on second thought, think I would keep it as it was.

© By Tom (

Capture a Rainbow

Bouganvilla blossoms
And shrubs in yellow too
Oranges on the tree
Clear sky ever so blue

A rainbow of colors
If one would only look
A few pictures on camera
that somebody took

Birds of all types flying
And landing in fig tree
Someone up there likes
To please the eyes of me

You cannot catch a rainbow
Though you might try
But you sure can enjoy all
The colors under the sky

© By Sharon (

Rainbows and Lollipops

Rainbows are special, don't see them every day.
When the sun is shining with a shower, they come out to play.

Pretty colors in an arch in a sky of sun and rain.
A lovely sight to behold out of any window pane.

God's promise that there won't be another flood like the one that Noah knew;
We look at rainbows knowing there will soon be a rainless sky so blue.

Rainbows and lollipops, children playing in the wet grass with their dog or ball,
Listening all the while for Mother's lunch time call.

A pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is unlikely we know,
But it's fanciful to dream of leprechauns and fairies dropping pennies from heaven to us below.

© By Phyllis Ann (

Capture a Rainbow

I captured a rainbow Tuesday about 4,
When I went walking with the tiny girl from next door.
She gleefully talked and sang me her song,
Though her tinkling words blurred, to understand I so longed.

About then she squealed so happy was she,
A sprinkler system came on in our path down the street,
It sprayed high and wet the walk and when we got near that ground,
A beautiful rainbow circled us all around.

She was so thrilled she danced with a child's pure delight,
And my old heart was filled with the marvelous sight.
On the way back, she tried so hard to find
The ravishing rainbow she had left behind.

She almost cried when we passed by the sprinkler,
Her rainbow had gone, her little face wrinkled,
“Look back,” I said when we had walked a bit,
She looked and she squealed with the laughter of it.

Her rainbow was there, filled with joy, was this child,
And she skipped and she played and carried the smile
That she had when she first spied her circled rainbow,
Even when into her front door, she must go.


I captured a rainbow in the dark of the night,
When I drove to the airport, met the 8:15 flight.
My rainbow kissed me with a glad hello,
Lit up my face for since Christmas when she’d go.

My cheerful child rainbow with the hair of honey,
Sleeps here in my house where it’s always sunny,
It won’t be rainy or dark or drear,
'Til my rainbow takes flight back home from here.

© By Norma (

Capture a Rainbow

In my paintbox, a rainbow dwells.
All colors there reside.
Here's the color of bluebells.
The green of a rising tide.

The red orange of a setting sun.
White gold of a rising moon.
Tinted clouds when day is done.
The shadows on the dune.

Glowing white of a clam shell,
On the grayling sand.
Indigo night when stars fell.
On the brush in my hand.

A fantasy I can create,
With paint and paper and a brush.
A unicorn and his mate,
A parrot and a flying thrush.

But every time I look around
Another color I will find.
For rainbows will always abound.
Especially in my own mind.

© By Swampetta (

Capture a Rainbow

Capture a rainbow
Keep it for a spare
Stuff it in your toybox
Keep it safe in there

Even rainbow robbers
Won't know where to look
You can keep it hid forever
And never even share

Or sometime when a friend is down
Eyes filled up with tears
Take 'em to your bedroom -
"Look what I have here!"

Let them wear it like a crown
Or a muffler twice around
Play dress up in Momma's heels
Dance in circles at the mirror

Get the 'sillies', give a hoot
Giggle 'til you drop
Now your friend is feeling good
A rainbow dance is all it took.

© By Diana (








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