Oh the ripe tomatoes on vine
Pony packs bought with them in mind
Bright red and round and so divine

Flower seeds planted in a row
Buy a variety to sow
When they blossom a lovely show

A few green leaves upon the trees
Birds soaring above on March breeze
Children ask for kites Mama please

Up the kite sails into skies
Tail waving wildly as it flies
It sometimes takes several tries

Papa preparing forms for tax
Mama giving floor spring time wax
There's no time in March to relax

Quail in the field preparing to nest
Cactus wren too and all the rest
Choosing which twig might be the best

Sneezing for those allergic to scent
Cold of winter has gone and went
Oh so glad when warm weather sent

By Sharon (ByGolly25@aol.com)

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