Jill was walking in the mall, holding her mother's hand. Suddenly, she tugged away from her mother and rushed to a window. "Look look Mother. Isn't that the prettiest dress you ever saw?"

Jill's mother smiled at the excitement in her little girl's eyes. It was a pretty dress. And it would look lovely on her little girl. It was green, with white lace around the sleeves and hem. It would be perfect for her. The dress would set off Jill's red hair and green eyes. "I'm sorry Jill, but you know we just don't have the money to buy a new dress right now."

"I know Mother. But it is fun to think about anyway."

The two went on down the mall, heading for the parking garage. They had only come to pick up a card for Grandma's birthday which just happened to be on St. Pat's day. Jill's mother, wished she had the money to buy the dress, but it would have strained their budget just a bit too much.

Jill was a sweet child and very sensible. She knew they couldn't afford the dress and didn't begrudge the fact. She was just glad they could afford to buy Grandma a card for her birthday. They were going to have Grandma and Grandpa come to dinner on that day and make a good old fashioned Corn Beef and Cabbage dinner. Jill was going to help.

St. Pat's day arrived, and so did Grandma and Grandpa. The house was filled with the good aroma of Irish cooking. Jill hugged Grandma and Grandpa but her eyes were on a package in Grandpa's hands. Sensible as she was, she was still a child and enjoyed surprises.. She knew the package would be for her.

Later after dinner, Grandpa gave Jill the package. It was Grandma's birthday, but Grandma and Grandpa felt the best way to celebrate was to give a gift to their only grandchild. Jill opened it and was delighted to see inside, that same green dress that she and her mother had seen at the mall. Along with it, was a pair of white dress shoes.

Jill took it into her bedroom, changed into her new clothes, which fit perfectly, and came out to show everyone how she looked in it. There were smiles everywhere. When Sunday arrived, Jill wore here new dress and shoes to church.

By Sharon (ByGolly25@aol.com)








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