"See? I'm back, just like I promised!"
The shy purple crocus said as she poked her
head thru the snow. Under the giant maple
tree they seem to know when the time is right
for them to come alive. Oh, there is a yellow
one too! Such sweet, lovely spots of color on
the shining white snow.

It might be another few days before the sun
will melt the snow away from them. I'll walk
out there each day and watch their progress.
They know just what to do and how much to
open their perfect little petals and grow.

Harbingers of Spring, they are the first to show.
There will be others, daffodils first will furl their
green spiky leaves. And soon a myriad of every
kind of Spring flower you can imagine. The huge
snowbanks of lacy spirea, the hostas curled green
and white leaves push thru, the wide dark leaves
of the tulips then the stems with their tight buds
come in abundance.

Robins, those faithful Spring beauties, are out
in the yard pulling their dinners out of the soft,
still snow-wet ground. The trees cautiously put
on their buds, still not quite sure of whether it is
going to stay like this, or come up a quick freeze
and put a stop to their growth.

In the back yard under the trees, there is a feel of
dark pink and purple, as the shy violets start making
their debut in droves across the greening grass. The
white and pink flowering almonds are putting on their
buds and soon will burst into spiky blossom at the corner
of the front porch.

Ah yes, Spring is here! Just like was promised!!

By susi Taylor (Texaswishr@aol.com)








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